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Thinking of buying a 3D printer for the first time...

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Hello everyone, as the title states I am considering buying a 3D printer just because I think the technology is really cool and it could be really useful for creating parts for any of my robotics projects. I'm looking for a reliable and accurate printer with somewhat easy setup.

I've looked at the Makerbot printers, but it seems like they all have terrible reviews about the support being practically non-existent if there is even a printer issue, so it's basically out of the picture.

The makergear m2 looks sturdy and reviews claim that the customer support is superb. The cost is also not too steep.

The ultimaker v2 looks like it is much easier to setup and has finer prints, though. I've also seen good reviews on the first ultimaker v1 which looks good for the company.

So what do you guys think? Makergear m2 vs ultimaker v2? pros? cons?


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it all comes down to cost i would say. the V2 is of course more expensive, but the build quality is much better, its not made from wood, its very quiet (from what i have heard) and its got very good accuracy and speed

whereas the V1 can come in kit form, and as its currently on offer that's under €1000 which is amazing. kit form will require some skill to build, but not too much. i have a V1 which was a kit and it was probably more fun assembling it :)

but if you want very accurate very high detail prints using FFF printing (this type of printing) and the amazing CURA software, then ultimaker is the way to go.

from what i gather UM2 is more for in the office, and UM 1 for in the hobby shed, but both are absolutely fantastic.

also not the UM2 has a heated build plate, which is almost a requirement for ABS, whereas the UM1 only has blue tape and is more aimed towards PLA filament.


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I'm only familiar with makerbot and UM. I met many Makerbot and Ultimaker users at the 3dprintshow in NYC last 3 days. The UM users seemed quite happy. The Makerbot users seemed mixed. I met a few who had both and said there is no contest - UM is far superior. But really this is 3rd hand. Even I don't trust the info.

Also makerbot had I believe only 1 printer printing and twice the staff at their similar sized booth as Ultimaker. Ultimaker had 10 (TEN) printers printing and it was rare that more than 1 printer was not printing and always because it had finished a print. Why doesn't makerbot have more printers running? Also none of their new models were printing anything.


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About 2 months ago i was in the same position as you... Hesitating between the MakerBot and the Ultimaker 2.

Finally i choose the Ultimaker mainly because of two things:

1. OpenSource and will stay openSource

2. Great and very active community

Since i ordered i've been looking at this forum nearly everyday and i already learned a lot even if i'm still waiting for the printer to be on my desk. Just seeing all the quality prints out there just make me say i did the right choice :)


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