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I have some ideas for improvements to Marlin and especially for the UM2 .


I managed to create a profile for the PLA. I note that we can not delete it once created. We can nly update. It would be nice to have a button to do so.


Something else. By exploiting the SD card. Also related to the profiles. It would be interesting to create in Cura, export them to the SD card. There should be a way to be able to load them into the UM2. If you need to change or modify this problem would not ask. In addition, the file name would serve as profile name and would be visible in Marlin and Cura.


Particular example with Colorfabb Pla-ColorFabb Pla.profil


Something else. Teflon does not stand up to 260 ° C. It would be good, whatever it happens to be a limitation to 255 ° C max. This would avoid a degradation of this precious object.




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Oh, hello geeks,

I would like to share the following consideration:

I think the Teflon funnel will be significantly colder than 260 degrees, as the cold end is actively cooled, right?


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Well, that is to say that normally there is a fat that diffuses heat the metal piece to hole like Teflon, a large area that is ventilated.


The principle works perfectly! However, by dint of disassembly, reassembly, the fat disappears. It is now the case for me. This is why I stopped to be my UM2.


Without this paste, teflon suffers more heat than expected. And then the problems continue!


It is therefore found a way to get fat.


I can put a picture about it!

IMG 3880


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Is thermal paste.


I've already thought of dough microprocessor. However, it is anticipated that for 90 ° C. And we should be able to mount it without problems at 260 ° C.


I talk about what the problem is mainly that I realize that if there is improper cooling, there will be degradation of white PTFE (leTéflon).


Voila, another thing to consider loan!


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That is why I opened a ticket with Ultimaker for their opinion and if possible a replacement product.


I know that in K800 Vellman they use a silicone Pete to 200 ° C.


But I learned that this was the worst substances to conduct heat away from hot-end.


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Some other recommendation - don´t know if I have better opened a new thead, feel free to move to a better place:

Additionally to "Reset to Factory Defaults" with all the bed levelling and loading of the new filament (which is a bad idea unless you have remembered to remove the old one before resetting ....) a new "Advanced maintenance" function "Reset parameters to factory default" without all the mechanical stuff would be convenient .....


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I think we've discussed this already in another thread, but I just wanted to clarify that the grease under the collar that the Teflon part sits in IS NOT primarily a thermal heat sink compound. It's copper grease to lubricate the joint, and prevent corrosion.

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