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just got the PC connection set up and did test prints... what settings should i change?


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Posted · just got the PC connection set up and did test prints... what settings should i change?

ok so i got this 3D printer from Goodwill and while it is 3 yrs old it works just fine... HOWEVER  these are the first prints i've done (dunno how many the previous owner did, but they had most things set up) I'll include the printer model and filament roll details but i'm unsure how to fix this.. i did look up solutions but i'm so new to this i figured ' cant hurt to ask here' 


Printer: Monoprice Maker Select 3D printer 13860
Cura 15.04.2 program

i've also posted the settings in Cura for the printer





Screenshot 2022-09-13 132218.png

Screenshot 2022-09-13 132152.png

Screenshot 2022-09-13 132136.png

Screenshot 2022-09-13 132121.png

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    Posted · just got the PC connection set up and did test prints... what settings should i change?


    • The side of your spool states "1.75mm" as the filament diameter.  Your settings are telling Cura that the diameter is 2.85mm.  That's what is causing all that under-extrusion.
    • A quick view and I see your layer height at .04.  That ain't happenin' as the printer just isn't capable of layers that thin.  Make that 0.20mm.
    • Lower the bed temperature to 60°.  If you are too close to the filament "glass temperature" it stays soft and will want to spread on the build plate (elephant foot).
    • If that filament is as old as the machine it has probably absorbed water and will give poor results.  It's still good for learning though.
    • When speeds change from one area to another (skin to infill to outer wall) it changes the flow rate through the nozzle.  When starting out leave them all the same as your printing speed (50 is good for now).  Slow your travel speed to 120.  You want to develop a baseline of what the printer can do.  As you progress you will want to change things for each model.
    • For most prints I consider 4 tops/bottoms to be a minimum and 3 walls to be a minimum.  When you go thinner than that then infill can leave blemishes on the outer surfaces.

    A fellow named CHEP has a set of videos on YouTube he calls "Filament Fridays".  He's kind of Creality centric but 3D printing on any machine is similar enough that the basics are all the same.


    Cura 15 was regarded as a good version (some versions have been better than others).  Cura has progressed to version 5.1 and at some point you will want to upgrade.  What you are getting used to in 15 will transfer directly to 4.13.1 but the 5.x versions are slightly different and some folks have had trouble making the change.


    Thingiverse has a lot of models.  Most folks start out by blinging their printers.  A lot of those things are solutions to problems that don't exist BUT you're printing and learning.


    Here is my contribution to solutions for nothing.  Just what the world needed...a diesel powered printer.



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    Posted · just got the PC connection set up and did test prints... what settings should i change?

    omg thank you, i was looking all over for solutions but like i said i just got this printer so im a total noob (i do know how to make 3D models but getting things set up and im just confused.. also heck yes to the diesel powered printer... MOARRR POWERRR

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