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constantly getting "Difference Between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic" error. The building plate and print core were cleaned. filament in the tube as shown in Figure1 & 2 become that when waiting for the printing to start. Figure 3 was did by the insert of the filament area. the build plate was adjusted to the lowest as the tip of the print core touches the build plate when waiting for printing.

ultimaker S3.pdf

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    Hey @miaooo,


    Welcome to the Ultimaker Community 🚀


    I'm sorry to hear you are stuck. 

    Are you on the latest version of the firmware? 
    There have been some known troubles that have a fix in the latest update. 
    More information can be found here. 


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    On 9/29/2022 at 6:00 PM, MariMakes said:

    Hey @miaooo,


    That's not the latest firmware 😮

    You can install the latest version 7.1.3 here

    You'll  get some other sweet bug fixes as a bonus. 

    Good luck 💪

    Hi, after updating I facing with an error called “Nozzle offset probe failed. Please check the nozzles and bed and try again.” how can I solve it?

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    Hi, @MariMakes, after updating, I start to face with an error called “Nozzle offset probe failed. Please check the nozzles and bed and try again.” how can I solve it?

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    Hey @miaooo,

    There can be a number of things causing the failed nozzle probe.
    There can be debris left on your nozzle or your buildplate.
    Or there could be a cable loose.

    A list of things you can try can be found here:


    There is also a test you can do to see if your sensor is broken with instructions on how to contact our support experts. 

    I know how annoying this error can be. I hope you can resolve it soon. Good luck 💪

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    Hi, the left nozzle was up, the build plate was set to the end. Nothing was wrong with sensor too. May I know what other issue could there be 

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    The article I linked lists a number of things you can try. 

    For Printcores 
    1. Clean the nozzles
    2. Replace the printocres

    For the Buildplate
    1. Clean the Buildplate
    2. Manually level the buildplate

    For the Print head
    1. Check the Lift Switch Calibration. 
    2. Check the Capacitive Sensor. 
    3. Check the front fan cable
    4. Check the Fan Bracket Alignement

    For the Printer
    1. Check if the printer is stable
    2. Check if there are no electrical interferences

    There are also two tests I suggest to do.
    1. In the main menu, click the gear icon, then select Maintenance - Print head - Calibrate lift switch and select Start calibration.
    2. In the main menu, click on the gear icon, then select Maintenance. Scroll down to find Diagnostics, and start the Leveling sensor test. If the noise value is above an 8, you'll need to reach out to our support experts. 

    If you are stuck on any of these things, please consult the manual here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013133699-Active-leveling-errors

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    To @miaooo , I'm sorry i noticed your post so late but I'll explain what caused and solved it for me. When i first got my printer it would auto level just fine but I had no idea how to manually level so I gave it a go, after that I was having the same problem as you "....exceeds realistic values" so as @MariMakes stated in #2 for the buildplate I manually releveled the bed and reversed what I thought that I did the first time I turned the thumbscrews, after that I have never gotten the error again, i think that theres a possibility that your bed is out of level causing the nozzles to touch at different heights and throw the machine off. Try to manually level and see what happens. Good luck

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