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Ultimaker 2+ switches off depending on material selection


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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker 2+ switches off depending on material selection

Hi all, 

I really hope somebody could give me a hint, this problem is driving me nuts. So, here comes the story.

I have an UM 2+ and printed for a lot of hours without any problems. A few days ago the printer starts to get crazy. I selected a Material (XT) that I used a lot before but when I started the print, the printer switched off on its way to the "nozzle purge" position. I tried it a few times and always the same, sometimes it took a little longer and it almost started the first layer. But finally it always switched off and on again and just stant still. So, I tried a few things, also a factory reset but finally I ordered a new power supply. Also with the new power supply I had the same behavior. 

So, I tried PLA instead of XT because I thought maybe the heater is defect and with a lower temperature it might work... Indeed, it worked with PLA, the complete print for 7h. So I switched back again to the XT but sinde I did a factory reset I selected the CPE setting and tuned the bed temperature a bit. Now it printed about 1h but again switched off and on again. I created a custom material based on CPE on the printer and selected it. Now the printer switched off again already before it got to the "nozzle purge" position. 

I installed Tinker FW, again I used XT with the builtin setting of CPE. After about an hour the problem occured again. Also here I created a custom Material for XT. As soon I use the custom material the printer switches off a lot earlier (before it comes to the purge position). 

I also extensively tested all functionalities manually (heated the nozzle, heated the bed, material feeder, moving the head, "raped" all wires and cables during the movings and so on) but it never switched off. After this I started a print and *bang*, it switched off.

I tried to delete all the meta information in the UltiGCode file (the lines which begin with the ; at the beginning of the file). Without the "FLAVOR" keyword, the bed risis and the the print head immediately starts to move but without extrusion. The printer doesn't switch off. 

For me it somehow looks like the EEprom on the board is defect and it crashes as soon the FW wants to use the custom material settings. But first of all it sounds too strange and second why it also crashes with the built in materials but not before it printed an hour or so?


I hope somebody could give me a hint that is not "buy a new board".




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    Posted · Ultimaker 2+ switches off depending on material selection

    Great news.  Since you already installed tinkermarlin you can do a quick test.


    These power bricks tend to fail where they can't put out as much power as they used to.  So you can lower your power usage by say 50 watts.  In tinkerMarlin there is a feature "power budget".  By default it should be:


    budget: 175W

    bed: 150W

    nozzle: 25W


    With the above values, the power budget does nothing.  Try using the same values as above but lower the budget to 120W.  This difference (175 - 120) should be more than enough for all the servos.  If this works then you can increase the budget by 10W every minute until you find the point where the power brick (and printer) reboots.  This will prove it's the power brick (in my opinion).  Then you can choose to run the printer on a lower power budget (you might have trouble getting the bed hotter than 80C) or you can choose to get a new power brick.

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