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sphere/oblique surface finish not propperly


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Posted · sphere/oblique surface finish not propperly

We just recently received our new Ultimaker S5 latly. We are currently still in the process to find the right settings. I made a test part to try out some of the settings in Cura and compare the quality.

Unfortunatly, we do not have an expert on this printer in our company.

The last print shown in the picture was the best print so far.

Does anybody have any tips how to improve the quality:

  • Spherical surface
  • Slanted surface


Current settings used in Cura:

Engineering fine with the following additional settings.

Einzugstropfen aktivieren: ein (Extruder 1 & 2)
Druckplattenhaftungstyp: skirt
Stützstrukturen generieren: ein / zickzack
Druckkopf anheben: aus
Combing modus: Nicht in Aussenhaut
Füllmuster: Dreiecke!
Dicke der Stützstrukturschnittstelle: 0.5
Whipe-Abstand der Aussenwand: 0.3
Unteres/oberes Muster: Zickzack


Thanks in advanced for your tips.



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    Posted · sphere/oblique surface finish not propperly

    The quality of the tilted surface looks typical.  Or better than typical. The solution of course is to use PVA dissolvable support and PVA, although normally very difficult to print, is handled well by the S5 if you keep it very dry.


    If you want quality better than the tilted surface you may be very disappointed with 3d printing in general.  At least FFF printing.  Mostly I design parts to not have overhangs tilted more horizontal than 45 degrees.


    The top of the ball looks like it had insufficient cooling.  This is VERY common with small objects that stick above the rest of the print.  The solution is cooling but if the printer sits there doing nothing off to the side, then you get different issues so you need the printer to keep printing so on those rare parts that have a very small area for the top few layers, I print a second part next to the first that is the same height.  It sounds wasteful but if you need many of the same part anyway then you can just print two of the same part.  Sometimes I even print 5 of the same part when they are very small - just to get better cooling at the top.


    90% of my prints don't have a small area in the last few layers so 90% of my prints I don't have to worry about this.


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    Posted · sphere/oblique surface finish not propperly

    hi gr5, Thank you very much for your response. This helps a lot, especially for me as a beginner.

    I will make a new part with a smaller angle, maybe 30°.
    I will try to print it the same part again with some "fake" parts beside the main part. It sounds strange but i think it is a good idea👍


    I choose the size beacause i wanted to try diffrent settings and learn to work with cura an the ultimaker, without printing too many meters of filament🙂


    Normaly we do not have small spherical parts like my test part.

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    Posted · sphere/oblique surface finish not propperly

    I hope you mean "30 degrees from vertical".


    It's not the sphere that is the problem.  The most common test print is called "benchy".  It's a cute toy like tugboat.  It has a chimney on top.  The chimney is difficult because of cooling.  Benchy is a "benchmark" print.


    Anyway, most test prints go beyond what a printer is expected to be capable of - so you know the point where it fails.  If part of the print doesn't "fail" or look bad then your test print sucks, lol.


    Better to just print something you really do need to print and if there is a section that is trouble - make a smaller test print out of that section.  I find it takes about 100 prints in PLA before you are pretty good at PLA and know what the printer can and can't do and what settings you may want to tweak.  Then it takes *another* 100 prints to get good at Nylon.  Sigh.  But the UM S5 combined with Cura makes this whole process much easier.  But there are always issues.  For example with Nylon you have to keep it insanely dry.  


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    Posted · sphere/oblique surface finish not propperly

    Yes, to vertical 😁


    The boat was the first test print and it came out well. But we had some troubles afterwards thats why I started with a specific testpart.


    I got your point I think it makes sense just to work with the printer and the sorftware and learn with parts that you really need, inspect and adapt=).

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    Posted · sphere/oblique surface finish not propperly

    Hi, @Curtismech. It looks like you're getting some ringing - those wavy lines in the flat area of the print. Notice how they happen consistently after the print path turns a corner?


    This visual guide to troubleshooting has some good suggtion for how to combat that. I've tried a variety of things, but the one that made the biggest difference was slowing the print speed down.



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