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Dual head Printing problem

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Posted · Dual head Printing problem

Cura V5.0, this is the first version I have been able to print anything at all.  I'm now hooked!

My printer is a dual head, so naturally I want to use both heads, a broken jar lid seemed to be a way to use the "Interlocking structure" to attach a TPU gasket to a PETG lid.

1. Created the model in Fusion 360 with the gasket as a separate body.

2. Exported as STL file

3. Cura shows the model as one material.  The software I have been using until now, based on cura, has a "split objects" command, and a "merge objects" command, to assign a print head to each part.

How do I do this in Cura 5.0?

CFFFP_Lid 50mm Jar v6.3mf

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    Posted · Dual head Printing problem

    Go to the Cura Marketplace (the button is in the upper right of the Cura workspace) and load the plugin "Mesh Tools".  (While you are there, also load the "Printer Settings" plugin.)

    Mesh Tools has the "Split Model into Parts" function available when you right click on the model and select "Mesh Tools" at the top of the list.  In order for it to work: the model must consist of separate meshes when it is brought in to Cura.  I was able to split your model and set the gasket to Extruder 2.

    Here I changed the material in Extruder 2 just to make the gasket stand out in this screenshot.


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    Posted · Dual head Printing problem

    Oh thank you!  Thank you for taking the time to point me in the right direction.

    OK downloaded the "Mesh" and "Printer Settings", Synced and restarted.  downloaded the model, Left click, - mesh tools - Split the model.  But it still has the colour of PETG , extruder 1
    Right you are going to think me dumb, but...how do I follow your example and assign the gasket to extruder 2?

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    Posted (edited) · Dual head Printing problem

    Hi @EssJay,


    First, we all in here started at some time, with Cura!

    People in here, try to answer the question as precise as possible, -not assuming people need more information unless they ask!


    Then how this is done, when your model is split into two parts, there is two individual parts and "both" want to go to the build platform when split.

    So just grab the jar lid and move it to the side, then you'll see the gasket.


    Now you can define nozzle 2 for the gasket.

    Next, mark both parts and hold in shift when marking parts.

    When those two parts are marked, there will appear three (normally grayed out under Edit ) new selections available.


    Select the last one; "Merge Models" -and this selection bring the gasket into place.


    Often the model might need to be rearranged on the build plate, depending on the original attitude when made.


    Hope this help.









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    Posted · Dual head Printing problem

    Many thanks,
    Struggled a persuading the parts to be from different nozzles, but got there in the end.  "Mark" had me confused but again, experiment got results.


    I really am very grateful, I'm now a great deal further forward.



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    Posted · Dual head Printing problem

    I had thought about adding a second extruder to my printer but then I'd have to do a bunch of other work to it.  It prints really well so I decided to leave well enough alone.

    I did bother to install a second Ender 3 Pro and configure it for multiple extruders.  I've played with it a lot so I have some idea of what's involved.  I don't want to get into the whole "replace the mainboard and fiddle with the firmware" thing.


    In the main Cura workspace the "extruder selector buttons" are on the lower left of the workspace.  Select a model and then select the extruder you want it to print with.


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    Posted · Dual head Printing problem

    Thanks Greg, I had not spotted those!
    Jumped in feet first, bought an ex demonstrator dual head and it worked really well, I thought.  Same printer, Cura 5.3 Beta, and the results were far, far better!  Hence my newbie questions.
    Thank you again for taking the time to help me out.



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