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Ultimaker S5 jams after every print

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Posted · Ultimaker S5 jams after every print


I am doing a project using an Ultimaker S5.

The problem comes when at the end of each print, the extruder jams and the next piece does not print correctly. Once I clean the extruder I can continue printing correctly, but at the end the problem returns.

I am using a brand new 0.4 mm print core AA and the material is PLA from a manufacturer that I have used before without any problems, both on this printer and others.

I have thoroughly serviced all parts of the printer and tried various settings in CURA but the problem persists.

Any idea where the problem may be coming from and how to fix it?

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    Posted · Ultimaker S5 jams after every print

    I think it needs to be clear if this is a clogged nozzle (the very tip of the print core) or is it jamming higher up in the the hot end.  I'm guessing the problem is higher up in the print core and the filament isn't even reaching the nozzle.


    Do you have a way to differentiate where the "clog" is?


    Anyway my first suggestion is to check the front fan.  Not the side fans.  If the front fan isn't working then you can get a symptom where it prints fine for a while and then either clogs 20 minutes into the print or it finishes the print but the filament is stuck behind the heat sink in the print core.


    The front fan should start spinning as soon as the nozzle is > 60C.


    Also, some cores have a defective piece of teflon inside.  The teflon is typically too short and there is a gap where PLA can get into there and then harden and the filament gets stuck.  Sometimes an older core will work fine but a new core is defective.


    Read about doing cold pulls and watch some videos and descriptions.  Everyone does it a little different so it's good to understand the basic ideas.  Watch how people do it where they get a perfect mold of the end of the core.  You can see the exact shape and look for defects inside the core.  Maybe post some photos of your result of the cold pull that shows the inside of the nozzle including the very tip of the nozzle where it is 0.4mm wide.  The S5 has in the menu an option for cold pull although I prefer to do it manually so I have more control and get a perfect image of the nozzle.


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    Posted · Ultimaker S5 jams after every print

    Hello, first of all, thanks for the answer.

    During these days I've tried to check everything.

    The front fan works properly.I also tried using an old print core but the problem is even worse.

    About the cold pull, I will try to do it again and post a picture as soon as it gets jammed.

    I also cleaned the feeder but everything looks the same.

    Do you think the problem could be there? Maybe the gears are a bit worn out and need change(?).Is there a way to check if the feeder is working properly?

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    Posted · Ultimaker S5 jams after every print

    This thread is old and I almost missed your post.  If I don't reply, it helps to send me a DM in addition to posting here.  With a link in the DM to this thread.


    Yes you can definitely test the feeder.  It should pull with about 10-15 pounds of force (about 5-7kg).  What I usually do is go into the move menu item and slide the filament so the end is well up visible in the bowden tube. Then I use the MOVE feature to move the filament forwards while I grab the filament just below the feeder and fight the printer.  Hard.  10 pounds of force is a lot!  You can lift something that weighs 10 pounds to get an idea of how much force that is.  Or you can poition the printer so it is just almost over the edge of a table and grip a 10 pound weight to the filament hanging down below the table.  Or you can compare to a working UM2+/S3/S5/S7/2+C printer as they all have similar pulling force (but much more force than a UM2).


    The S5 feeder should last years even if running 24/7 it should last for 6 months before the feeder would need service.  Typically.  But you never know.  Things happen.


    I strongly suspect the issue is in the print core.  I'd buy a new one.  But doing the cold pull and seeing the result will hopefully provide evidence one way or the other.


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