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S5 Release 1 : nozzle height differences when printing - Urgent !


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Posted · S5 Release 1 : nozzle height differences when printing - Urgent !

Hi to all


I have a weird issue with my old S5 who was a no brainer regarding dual extrusion prints.

I have the following issue in a true dual extrusion print :

- right nozzle is too low when printing, by approx two layers height. As a consequence the nozzle hits the part and is so squished on the print that nothing extrudes.

- same thing for the first layer, but first layer from the left print core is perfect.

- right extruder is used only for the infill.


Here's the project.



The printer prints well in single extrusion mode (left print core)

The S5 R1 was exhibiting that behavior with FW 7.0, so I have upgraded it to 8.2.0 - no change

It prints with 3d Solex hardcores on both slots, but it has nothing to do with the issue. It's my usual setup.

The bed leveling procedure goes well.

The print core switch seems to work fine, but not checked thoroughly by tearing apart the printhead.

I've checked both printcores, to ensure the springs tension is the same and approx 1000g before moving the radiator from the frame.

I've checked the large faces of the heatbreak for any flaw, but it's fine. Same for the seats in the printhead, no residues.

Manual bed leveling was performed when having the issue with special care for the Z height of the right print core.


Project have been sliced with Cura 5.4

I have sliced the project with the infill every layer and it doesn't solve the issue.

I have checked the gcode at the layer where the infill starts and the Z height is the same for T0 and T1. Did also the same when slicing the project with Cura 5.3.1.


Currently I haven't found any clue on the issue. Except a faulty FW for the S5 R1 ....


Urgent help needed as I have a customer order pending due to that issue !


Thanks in advance.


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    Posted · S5 Release 1 : nozzle height differences when printing - Urgent !

    Hi to all


    I have made some more testing and enquiries on that issue.


    First I have checked the print core switch and it's fine.


    I remembered that the 3d Solex hardcore were having heat shrink sleeves around the thermistor and heater cartridge wires. And sometimes it creates issues when moving the nozzle, due to the stiffness of the wires.

    The print core used was still having the sleeves, so I've removed them.

    This have improved a bit the print. The first layer have printed fine on both printcores, except the XY calibration is off....

    But it hasn't solved the issue when printing the infill with the right print core.


    I've had a closer look at the print core and the bracket in the printhead.

    The bracket in the printhead was fine, but the part of the print core that rests in it was having some scratches, so I've sanded them a bit to ensure a good fit.


    I've done a manual bed leveling and a XY calibration, but the latter failed with a wrong Z height for the left print core.

    Then I've been into a series of errors : differences between nozzles ....


    I have a clue, as the printhead silicon socks looks a bit stretched when the right print core is down, maybe it prevents it to be properly seated in the exact same position.

    I am using a ruby nozzle with that print core, as it's copperfill filament, which is slightly different in shape (and maybe length) from standard 3d Solex nozzle.

    Usually it's in the left slot. Maybe the socks is not exactly the same.


    I will do some more testing tomorrow without the socks and if it's not successful try with another print core.


    Any clue welcome.


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