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Ok, what's wrong with my print (how to fix?)

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So I've made some progress with netfabb 4.9, but I'm still not getting the quality prints that I've seen made by others. This is my calibration circle


and the side view


The inside is full of strings and knots, and the side has a few pimples on it.

I've not done any calibration on netfabb - I emailed the ultimaker people and they said not to bother calibrating anything. I'm not sure what the next step(s) should be - does anyone have any suggestions?



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The latest version of Netfabb does comb as well. "Comb" is the name Skeinforge (the slicer that cura uses currently) has for the "avoid running the head through holes" feature.

What's happening here is a bug I think. By default Netfabb 4.9 has a feature enabled that causes the z-moves (when the bed drops down) to happen in random spots on the model. This is done to avoid having a seam on the model. But, I think the comb feature bugs out when it does this which makes it move through the middle of the object. This is also what is causing those tiny bumps.

This can be disabled but I'm not currently at my slice-computer so I can't tell you exactly where. I'll get you the details once I get home from work unless someone beats me to it.

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I've got something similar...

I'm working on understanding the netfabb buildstyle parameters and material parameters. I think that the 'comb' in netfabb doesn't work good yet. I have prints with string in the middle of objects, (hole or not). I think I will work on the retract of the filament during the zmoves and jumps. I saw that during z moves and jumps the extruder gear stops but maybe we need to create a little under-pressure in the nozzle just to stop PLA from exiting the nozzle.

anyway your calibration circle is quit good and you can remove the inside strings after printed.

I read something about NOT TO USE the calibration of netfabb however and I printed everything since my first without messing with the calibration routine.

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to avoid the jumping and stringing there is the choice of the seam type in the build style editor: seam near origin or randomized seam.

With the randomized seam it jumps all over, seam near origin runs in circles, but leaves a little scar of the z-jump.

Try the standard style first, that works fine and detailed, the other settings didn't work for me too.

Make sure you have M92 E14 in the start code.

and in the raft tab, choose outline, that helps the flow of the PLA at the start.

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@peggyb amazing! so you're printing that out with netfabb with all the default settings? I'm quite envious. Can you describe your entire setup (firmware, etc)? If you are using netfabb, is there any way to export all your settings and upload?

I've since tried printing out some parts with Cura/RunPrint and it's working significantly better than netfabb. Shockingly so. However, I still have lot strings, and the edges look funky..



and the bottom of the head.


It seems as if a lot of the strings can be fixed if pullback was working. Is there any way to enable it - or has anyone gotten it to work? Otherwise, any suggestions on what I can do to fix?

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After some struggling with the original software, I upgraded to the Erik Zalm Marlin, that uses 250 000 baud, so I changed that in Netfabb. I use Pronterface to print the gcode created in Netfabb.

The rest of the settings are in the picture: standard material, standard buildstyle.

In this case no post processing was needed, no strings/jumps.

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