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Please make me a usable print menu !

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Yup, I want to use the new Cura 14.03, but due to the brilliant design, the print menu is lacking a bit of information.

I would really like a menu with:

temperature control, so I can manually preheat and change my filament when I want.

A pause button.

Extrude and retract button.

please somebody help me :cry:


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Ok, seriously, now you're just being a child. You've complained in three threads now I think, including a new one you created. We get it, you're not happy and it's completely understandable. But, there are alternatives. Personally I've never used the print dialog in cura, I've always used Pronterface which was and still is a far superior interface for printing. There's a reason it was bundled with the earlier versions of cura.

The interface in cura will be fleshed out eventually, in the mean time do yourself a favour and just install Pronterface and be happy.


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Uhhm... Xeno, I could somehow understand you were angry when realising something had changed in the software and it is a disadvantage for you. To write about that anger might be ok if it is done in a decent way. But please don't continue on this trip of yours. It doesn't lead anywhere good, I think.

I think, in general, Cura 14.03 is a nice piece of software because, as Daid said, he really put some effort into this version. However, some of the new features might not please everyone. I could also write about things I miss in the new version, but I don't because Daid has set priorities for the new features and he certainly had his reasons to do it in exactly this way. He b.t.w. might have the best overview of what people need most in Cura.

So to put this discussion on a more rational level, I asked myself, what I could do to bring back some of the missing features in the print window. That's why I already asked the question, http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/4864-jog-and-homing/#entry42605. This is most probably the easiest way to bring back inputs for temperature.

However, it's up to Daid to decide if he wants to go that way, because that would mean to bring another version before the big GUI change, which was exactly the thing he wanted to avoid.

At least some of you know that I also made a very small contribution to this new Cura version by bringing the now in Cura included TweakAtZ plugin to a level where it e.g. can be used also by UM2 owners. Thus, I also offer to come up with an alternative dialog window which would allow for setting temperatures and fan speed. But I won't do it if get paid for it by being called names.


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