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Help me find Sander!-REOPENED

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I'm about to take back my extremely nice compliments to the Ultimaker company in a recent post.

I have been waiting for 1 month for DHL to pickup my printer to exchange it for another! Yes that is 4 weeks to this day.

What is the hold up? I have been going back and forth with Marrit via email and this is starting to get annoying.

I have been more than patient enough after waiting 2 months to receive the printer, then dealing with all of the issues I had. Now I am waiting for excessive amounts of time to send it back.

This is unacceptable.

Sander, please contact me and get this done for me.


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So if I have all my facts straight DHL was suppose to come by about 2 weeks ago already but they had a wrong weight of the package and could not collect it.

Earlier today a new order was send out to DHL to make another pick up at your address with the correct data.

I just spoke to DHL and they should contact you today to make an appointment.

If you have not heard from them by the end of the day, please call 1800 225 5345

It is the DHL US phone number, and I will send you your reference number in a PM :)

Unfortunately I can not change anything to the fact you have already been waiting a few weeks for the pick up, but hopefully I can speed up this attempt :)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!


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Thanks Sander!

Very quick response and you took care of this within 1 hour of me posting.

I waited until today to post an update to make sure the shipping went well.

I tracked the package and it already arrived in the Netherlands!


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My package arrived to the Netherlands in a few days, but Ultimaker never received it, so now the same broken printer is being returned to me with shipping charges unless someone can catch the package before it leaves the Netherlands.


I have emailed Marrit with the Old tracking number and the new Return ID#. I am also going to send it to you via IM.


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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply.

Do you know why it never got through customs?

Please don't worry about the shipping costs, we will solve this with you.

I will inform our outbound operator to get in touch with the courier, thank you for your time!

It is about time we can solve and close this permanently, and more important, get you back to 3D printing!


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