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printing small parts

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Hi, if you want to learb how to set up your printer take a look over here:http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5093-how-to-setup-print-speed-temperature-and-layer-height/

Let me know if it is useful for you.

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That part isn't small, it's tiny :) What have you tried? What was the result?

If you print it standing up you'll have trouble because it's so thin that heat will become an issue and also getting it to stick to the platform and stay upright. Printing more than one at once could possibly help but that means an even bigger risk of knocking it over.

Maybe you could cut it in half lengthwise and print it lying down and then glue the pieces together.

But in the end I'm not sure it's doable to print that thing and have it look great. I mean, the fins are a single extrusion width wide...


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You should be able to print it. I've printed things of similar size. But this isn't easy.

I would try first printing it nose down. You need the first layer to stick very well. In nose down you don't need any support.

I would print 4 at once so they all have plenty of time to cool. 30mm/sec is plenty slow enough. 100% fan.

If they fall over conisder it a problem of getting first layer to stick better. UM1 or UM2? For UM1 it's importnat to clean the blue tape with alcohol first and for both machines make sure the first layer is squished well into the surface.

If you get stringing like in this picture then lower the temp of the PLA until it stops and tweak around with your retraction settings:



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