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Which expert settings carry over into quickprint?

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that was exactly what I was thinking, take a quickprint profile, change some values, and go back to quickprint. Well I think it does not work this way (or at least it did not with the Versionof Cura I was useing at that time).

When you take quickprint, you can only make these changes directly in the quickprint window. (ABS, PLA, diameter, support, that´s it). If you want to change sth. You have to go to the full settings and print from there, respectively save to SD. So it does not work the way you tried.

The good news is, that default values in "full settings" are the same as in quickprint, as far as I know. So take these and tweak only one, max two values and see what is happening. When you change to much, you cannot see exactly which value effects what. And document all your changes and results. That´s the easiest and fastes way to learn, I think. I have an excel sheet where I note most of my prints and their settings. Helps a lot.

Happy printing ;-)



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Don't use quickprint. I've never used it. It's too.... obscured. Hidden. Secretive.

Instead consider setting up a quickprint setting, save to gcode, then switch to full settings and load back the settings with "file" "load profile from gcode..." - now you have full control with the default quickprint settings.


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