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Posted · From sclic3r to cura

Hi. I dont know if this is right section to post this but since I have a picture and I need tips how to use cura I might as well start from here.

What I really like is cleaness. In slic3r there were options like stars in the sky, in cura only few. Also cura starts faster, everything is faster and it does not crash! I need to check out how support structure works, in slic3er I had to downgrade it because latest versions support structures were awful. About that I printed ultimaker robot from thingiverse.


As you can see everything is almost perfect expect lower arms and small area under logo. One way to increase quality is to increase min. print. time per layer from 5 sec to 10 sec. However I doubt this is only way to solve it because I know it is possible to print on higher speeds than 50mm/s.

If it is okay to aks questions here I have few:

is there a command line where I could input commands for motors? Now I have to use pronterface to move them after print fails.

print speed mm/s seems not to be working. When I increased value from 50 to 150 estimates time for printing remained same (after cura recalculated it). Are there some limitations built inside cura. I believe marlin firmware, which I use, also has some limitations but I am not familiar with it as well.


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    Posted · From sclic3r to cura

    Changing the speed won't change the print time if you have a minimum layer time set: for a small part like this, even 50mm/s is much faster than the head is actually going to move.

    50mm/s is pretty fast for a small part, simply because of the layer cooling issues. In the end you can't lay plastic down faster than it can cool. One way to get better cooling would be to print multiple robots at once, so that the head can go print a layer on another robot while the earlier ones are cooling.


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    Posted · From sclic3r to cura

    Hi. Thanks for a fast answer! I can assume there is no a command line/window in cura?

    Today I printed multiple trees each individually. From left to right minium speed for each layer was 5, 10, 15 and 20 mm/s.


    Is it way too much or should I print multiple trees at same time to make layers cool down? I feel I am missing something because upper layers on trees are complitely fine even on speed 5mm/s. Filament is from Faberdashery so there is no problem with it and printing temp is 210 celsius. Support structure was super btw. So easy to remove!


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    Posted · From sclic3r to cura

    Not sure what you mean by command line but if you want to issue hand entered gcode or need a pronterface type interface, go to File -> Preferences and change the printer window type. This will replace the plain "print" window with a pronterface type UI and there is a text box for directly issuing commands to the printer.


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