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Calibration / X-Y steps per mm

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Hi guys,

I'm just found out that I have a 1% deviation in travel on the y axis. I wanted to calibrate the movemend setting and didn't find anything in cura. I then searched the code and found DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT.

But altering this values didn't seem to change anything.

Does anyone know where I can change these settings?


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What code? How did you change it? What sort of printer is this?

In general, the steps per mm settings are a function of the mechanical components - pulley diameters mostly. So generally speaking, the steps per mm setting shouldn't need to be changed from the default.

Once thing to bear in mind is that the firmware may be saving the values into EEPROM, in which case changing the definitions in the firmware won't help, until you reload the values from the defaults (with an M502 gcode) and then resave them (M500).

If you have an Ulticontroller on a UM1, you can edit the values directly in the Control -> Motion menu.


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You can change these settings easily with gcodes. But if an axis is off by 10%? What the hell? You should double check this:

1) Get pronterface:


2) Connect to UM2 with USB cable and connect with pronterface. Move the bad axis around with gcodes:

G0 Y0 -- this goes to location Y=0

G0 Y200 -- this goes to location Y=200

Now measure the actual distance with ruler. Is it off by 20mm? Really? That's extreme! Maybe you have the wrong model stepper model - make sure both steppers are the same part number (x and y) or one of your pulleys is 10% too big or too small. There are no other sources for error.

Anyway you can adjust your steps/mm with gcodes:

gcodes for Marlin (and a few other firmwares)

great reference:


scroll way down to the gcodes on this page:



Pay particular attention to M500.


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Thx for the help. It worked with the reset to factory defaults from the LCD menu.The changed code worked afte the reset.

Thx for the info on pronterface I didn't know that programm, it is realy handy. And using Gcode to calibrate would have been much faster then printing a calibrating print.


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