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UM1 does not connect to USB on PC

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Hi there

so, my UM1 has arrived my workbench. Now it is assembled and i want to go to the sofware setup.

But there is a Problem:

- my PC is not found any Ultimaker Divice on USB.

- when i only plugged the Arduino without the UM1 Board on it goes very well.

- i try it also on MAC and its the same problem. No USB connection to the printer?!

- on MAC the Arduino Board only connecting easy to Cura.

Dammn, i am waiting a lot of weeks and now something like that!

I hate it.....

Regards from Switzerland



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Sounds like a classic short cut on the Ultimaker shield.

Although you're through quite a story I recommend you open a trouble ticket on Monday (not today).

The only things that come to my mind what you could do by yourself to track the error down would be out of the category 'search the needle in the haystack'. But maybe someone else here in the forum has a brilliant idea?


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When i plug the arduino on the UM 1.5.7 all the lights on the arduino go out.


Not good. This should work even when not connected to the rest of the UM. Try removing all cables to the PCB 1.5.7 and test again.

Are you good with electronics? Do you have a multimeter? If not then I would put on reading glasses and check every solder joint looking for possible shorts and remelting that solder. If you know electronics you can look for a short in the 5V signal somewhere in this schematic:

ULTIMAKER1 The circuit diagram, and board layout are here:


There is a zip file at the top. It contains the "brd" file which is the layout. Also the "sch" file which is the schematic.

Both files can be opened by eagle software which is free:



To open a ticket and get a new PCB shipped to you go here:



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I have one idea that should be easy enough to check. The controller board (the PCB 1.5.7) has a 12V regulator on it that powers the Arduino.

WITHOUT the ulticontroller connected (actually keep it simple and don't connect anything), REMOVE the jumper (if it exists) labeled ARDPWR.

I believe if you hold the controller board with the power, USB and switch on the left and the top of the board with the stepper drivers on the well top, the jumper is in the lower part to the right of the center of the board. This will disconnect the 12V regulator from the Ardruino.

Now with the Arduino attached to the controller board, connect the USB cable to the Arduino and see if the PC or MAC "sees" the Arduino. If so, the regulator is bad and unless you can solder, you will need a replacement control board.

If the Arduino remains visible, see if it still works with the 19V power main supply connected. If so, you can use the printer with the jumper off BUT not with the ulticontroller connected. It uses too much power and needs the 12V regulator to supply power to the Arduino so it can power the ulticontroller.

Good luck.


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