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Static Shocks from machine

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The shock is unlikely from the machine - it's more likely from you walking on carpets in a very dry building. Do you also get shocks when touching doorknobs and other metal things? If so, then just before touching something metalic, stop moving your feet, then touch something non-conductive like plastic or wood and swipe your hand 2 inches across the non-conducting surface, then touch the metal object.

Is this a "spark" electric shock? Or an AC 60 times per second vibrating/buzzing shock? The first is static electricity, the second is a serious (and possibly deadly) ground problem.


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Thinking more on this possibly something rubbing on the machine is creating static charge - maybe PLA through the bowden? Please describe if the shock makes a little spark sound or if it's more a buzzing feel to it.


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I wonder if the combination of the rubber belts and alu pulleys plus the nonconductive panels form a small Van de Graaff generator? Or could the belts be rubbing on the side panels?

Either way, increasing the humidity in the room would help.


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I, too, have had a shock from the PRUSA i3 from the power source apparatus for the extruder. The mild shock came when I touched the left side of this area and was just a buzzing feeling in my hand. It is also where a 'caution' sign points to it. I am concerned as I am learning about these printers in order to introduce one to a high school in Honduras and it needs to be safe! Can anyone advise? I live in the UK and there is lots of humidity and damp this August and also no carpets are anywhere from the outdoors to the printers so that can't be the answer. Thanks, Em B.

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