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infill gaps - solved

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hi there!

I am facing a new problem with the infill:

there is really oten a relatively gib gap between every 2nd and 3rd line,

like i drew here (my cam isn't good enough for a 'reality' picture):


i hope someone is knowing that problem and can help me,

i can't imagine where this does come from.

thank you in advance!


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I see nine lines in your drawing... :-?

From the description I recommend you check if the lines with the gap in between are printed with different orientations (clockwise vs. anti-clockwise). If they are, you are most probably suffering from backlash.

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This is usually backlash. Look at post #7 and zoom in on this picture to see if it's the same problem and the pictures have associated text that explains the fix:


Also look at post #8 that shows why you get the gaps.

Usually tightening the short belts fixes this (the belt to the motor) but sometimes you have to tighten the long belts. Backlash can be caused either by loose belts (doesn't pull the head all the way) or friction too high (when belt stops pulling head hasn't move the whole way as friction holding it back).

If the problem is friction, then try loosening the long belts, loosening end caps, adding oil, push head around by hand feeling for friction.


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The picture you posted on the other thread looks exactly as my results. I realigned the pulleys some days before - so i think its caused by the long belts (because I already tightened the short ones). I will tell you if it worked - thank you so far!

Btw. Wouldn't it be nice to have a website where common problems with the ultimaker results are listed with a picture, categories and how to fix it?

Thanks, flo

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