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ReplicatorG 35 does not work

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I build the Utimaker and try to install and use Replicator. I get the message: cannot find a port to use. (see attachement)

In my cofiguration screen Devices, I see the Arduino 2650 (see attachment).

I cannot install the arduino. No driver available.

My repligatorg file contains a driversfile with two files: Arduino Mega 2560 usbser Driver and FTDI USB Drivers

The Arduino Mega 2560 usbser Driver file contains:Arduino Mega 2560 setup data 4kb

When I klick on the Arduino in the configuration file devices, I get the screen with the following message: The drivers are not installed (code 28)

I cannot upodate the driver or do anything else that works.

What do I wrong ???? Please take me out of the mud.


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I've never installed ReplicatorG but when installing Cura it deploys the driver for for the Arduino hardware automatically. Keep in mind that the drivers are not signed so windows pops up a big, nasty, red warning box during the install asking if you're REALLY sure you want to install the unsigned drivers. They are safe so go ahead and install the driver. Now, if you don't have administrator rights on your PC then you may not be able to deploy the driver at all. Try right-clicking on the driver install and choosing "Run as administrator" and see if the driver install will complete. Once you're able to successfully run the driver install it should fix the issue of your Arduino Mega showing up as an unknown device. Once the drivers are installed ReplicatorG should be able to find the virtual COM port that has been assigned to the Arduino and you should be off to the races.


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"Cura" is an alternative to RepG, made by different people. However, mentioning it here and now is not that useful, because both Cura and RepG34 use exactly the same driver installation procedure.

Which version of windows are you using? 32bit or 64bit is important in this case.

Do you have administrator rights on the machine you are using?

Also, if you plug in the Ultimaker, do you get a popup that it could not find the driver?

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It might be a problem with the unsigned drivers for the Arduino Mega 2560.

Maybe this page will give some insights:



On Windows 7 (particularly the 64-bit version), you might need to go into the Device Manager and update the drivers for the Uno or Mega 2560. Just right click on the device (the board should be connected to your computer), and point Windows at the appropriate .inf file again. The .inf is in the drivers/ directory of the Arduino software (not in the FTDI USB Drivers sub-directory of it).
(The mentioned inf file is also included in the RepG34 installation location)

Or, if that gives an error because the driver is not signed, this might help:

http://www.raymond.cc/blog/loading-unsi ... 4-bit-x64/


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I would recommend to do the following:

- Start replicatorG without plugging the USB cable in the Ultimaker (this will start repG without trying to connect & freezing problems)

- Plug the USB in the machine

- Go to Machine, Connection and select the right port.

- Go to Machine, Upload new Firmware

- Install the latest firmware (Marlin 1.0 or later)

- Go to Machine Type, Driver and select Marlin

- Press Connect

If replicatorG still doesnt turn green, try the following:

- Go to File, Preferences

- In the tab "Advanced", select "ALL" as debugging level

- Try to "turn on" the machine.

- Report any error messages you see popping up.

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Good day,

I also had the same problem running on the same system (64-bit Windows 7), only difference is whenever I switch the Ultimaker ON, the ReplicatorG hangs (this is after Bar turns Green on ReplicatorG, in other words, "connected").

I would appreciate if anybody can help me.

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I am having the same problem with Windows7 64bit. Cannot seem to install any drivers or see the device on any ports thru Replicator G or Netfabb.

Any help? Itching to start printing!!


Look in Device Manager to see if you can see it their under Ports (Arduino)

Does it make a noise when you plug it in and do you get a blue light at the top of your heater?

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