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Cura hangs when slicing a long print

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Trying to slice for some lengthy prints and can't get Cura to complete. Progress bar hangs around 70% and task manager shows that curaengine.exe and Cura have both stopped using any CPU. Have left it to sit for a few hours a couple of times now and it hasn't finished slicing.

STL file is relatively small in data size (5mb) but fills the build volume, so the sliced job is going to be around 50 or 60 hours I expect.. .

Using Cura 14.07, Windows 7 64bit. No plugins. Has anyone else had this problem before, and if so, what was necessary to get the slicing to complete?


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Try reducing the poly count. High-res mesh are longer and more complexe to slice. Also if you have options to combine everything they also add complexe checks. I had cases that the slicing would not even start and simply reduction poly count using meshlab was enought to let it process the objects.

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After spending more time trying to slice very long prints, it seems that my previous "fix" was incorrect.

What seems to be happening is that after successfully slicing 50ish hours of printing a few times, cura stops being able to finish slicing that job again until cura is closed and restarted.


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I have the very same problem. When I rescale the object to 80%, Cura finishes the slicing and gives a print job of 47h, but I just want the 100% scale which is 98x125x119mm (WxHxD)

I tried the solution below, but it didn't change anything, except that my STl-file became 16MB instead of the 180MB before.


The engine log shows the following. the step that freezes isn't shown in the log.

Reading mesh from socket with 1036626 vertexes

Analyzing and optimizing model...

Vertex counts: 1036626 -> 145579 14.0%

vMin: 65.815000 52.803000 0.000000

vMin: -49.185000 -59.697000 0.000000

Matrix: 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000

Matrix: 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000

Slicing model...

Sliced model in 19.859s

Generating layer parts...

Generated inset in 207.669s

any suggestions?


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