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Lost connection to heated bed leads to multiple major problems

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When I was printing overnight on my Ultimaker 2, I was shocked to see material clogged within the extruder housing. I realized that the massive clog was due to heated bed losing connection and affecting the print. I proceeded on to remove the fans to clear the clog around the nozzle. However, the material has already hardened around the 2 wires that are providing heat for the nozzle. I have managed to clear most of the clog but it seems that the wires have already burnt and broken off. There are still excessive wire fragments still trapped together with some hardened material within the wire inlet for the nozzle. I have attached some pictures to illustrate my problem.






Hopefully someone can help me out as i urgently need to start printing. :)


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First of all please indicate what country you live in - go to profile settings, location. This affects what kind of help you get. Trust me on this - it is worth doing.

You should have been more gentle with the wiring. You only have to heat the PLA up to about 100C (boiling water) to remove it all. Heating the head to 150C would have helped quite a bit on the removal also.

Continue to take the head apart - you need to remove the very skinny screw to get the heater and temp sensor out. I would dip it all in 100C water before sliding out the heater.

You can get a new temp sensor (and possibly heater) from Ultimaker at support.ultimaker.com. Or you can build your own. The important piece is a PT100. You can get this anywhere in the world. All PT100 temperature sensors have the exact same characteristics. "PT" stands for Platinum.

The heater is harder to find.

The main cause of your problem was probably that the part came loose possibly and the material kept coming out of the nozzle. For hours. It backed up into the head. This happens sometimes but usually people get it cleaned up without damaging anything. It has never happened to me.


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