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Issue with Ultimaker 2 possibly corrupting print files?

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I have been using the ultimaker 2 for a while now with no real issues outside of the usual tweaking but today it has developed a persistent issue whereby it will start the print file as normal and part way through will suddenly "fit" and start printing random nonsense.

Here is an image I took after trying to printer the minicaltest file. You can see it started to print ok and within the boundaries before going haywire. I have tried multiple SD cards and saves to make sure the print data wasnt corrupting between the computer and the printer to no avail. Can anybody advise please?


Many thanks



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Hi Robert, thanks for the advice but I have been through all of the grub screws and they are all nice and tight. I have just reinstalled the firmware over from Cura and will run another minicaltest print to see what the verdict is.

In an unrelated incident I have also noticed that if I set the bed temperature to 110c, it will take approximately 30 minutes to get to that temperature usually hovering around 96c for a long while. Some times the temperature wont climb past 96 and I have to settle for printing at that temperature. I have researched on this forum into bed heating problems and have checked the solder joints which all look ok to me...


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Ok, so after checking the grubs screws on all the pulleys and motors and connecting the printer up to my computer to reinstall the factory firmware (have only ever run factory firmware on this printer) I did a quick test peice again.

This time around it seemed to get further through the print and I was hopeful that the issue was resolved. Unfortunately the same issue crept up again and the printer has done the same as before...



So far I have tried the following

Checked grub screws on drive pulleys and motors

Performed factory reset

Reinstalled factory firmware

Performed test print with no modifications to settings except dropping bed temperature to 100c to accomadate bed having difficulty getting up to temp.

Any help will be greatly appreciated



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If you suspect the card then maybe you could load the file, from the card, into Repetier Host and see if the gcode looks ok or not. And/or try a different card if you have one.

And just out of curiosity. It looks like you're printing with the standard blue PLA that comes with most printers so why are you trying to run the bed so hot?


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Hi Robert, it is indeed the standard blue PLA. The reason for trying to run it at 110c is because I am trying to run with all settings at preset to establish what a base setting print looks like before playing around with the settings. (Standard setting for the PLA is showing as 110c)

I am very new to 3d printing and figuring a lot of things out in a short time so if you have any advice on appropriate printing temperatures I would happily listen.

I have tried various different cards now and retried another test print with markings on the rails and pulleys to make sure they aren't moving. They are not.


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