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When does Cura produce gcode for parallel object printing and when does it choose serial printing?

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I noticed that sometimes cura (version 14.07) generates gcode for having the objects printed one after the other (print one, all over its z, and then move to the next one), while other times the objects are made in parallal (same Z layer for both of them).

What is the criteria? Is there an option for changing the default behavior?

I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but I could not find an answer by keywords like "one object after the other" etc.


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The gantry height is the limiting factor. If a part is tall enough to hit the gantry when the bed is homed you can no longer do sequential printing. At least that's my understanding of it. I don't know if it's smart enough to print the lowest objects one at a time first and then group any too tall objects and save them for last as I've never tried it.

You change if you want to do sequential or all at once under the Tools menu.


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Hello I was wondering the very same thing. I am printing out many chess pieces, I can print 10 pawns no problem one at a time. two castles and a prince and princess no problem.......this is the confusing bit. when I first printed the 2 x castles and prince and princess when, I came back to the completed print one of the castles had been knocked over. The castles were to tall to clear the gantry....I have the latest cura update and still the same thing happens. this is not a problem as I can place the pieces so that the gantry does not hit the castles if the spacing is set correct and the sequence is checked.

I would love to be able to override this functions as I could print 4 pieces in one go in stead of having to do one then re load. this ties you to the printer to much. basically I could leave two bishops king and queen printing over night, As it is at the moment I could only leave one printing (only takes a couple of hours) but then the printer is sitting idle for the rest of the night...........in the next upgrade of cura can the "PRINT ONE AT A TIME" be altered to a operator beware if you disable completely?


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You can change the gantry height in the machine settings. The default height is not the good one actually for newer UM2. If I remember well the gantry height on the newer models of UM2 is 48mm and not 55mm like the default is.

I really understood what gantry height was only last weekend when I was seeing things being printed in print one at a time and that the previous piece was quite close to the lower axis bar (front to back axis).

If you really know what your doing you could set that number to what ever suit your need but your asking for trouble. You better validate in layer view that the sequence of print will print the taller piece last and none of the previous pieces are higher than 48mm (or 55mm for older models).


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