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Please add a Pause Print feature to Cura?

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How do you request a feature?

I just got my printer (Printrand immediatly started using CURA.. And frankly its awsome and I have no wish to try anything else as it does everything that I could ever wish for.

Appart from 1 thing.. Pausing a print?

In my first week, I have wanted/needed to pause the job several times due to tangled filament or to remove a 'blob' from the bed and was surprised that there is no feature to do this.

I understand that this used to exist and it was buggy.. And I know I am not the only person to ask for this.. So I just wanted to start a thread for this, just incase the devs might consider adding this.

I suspect there are technical reasons why this can't be done.. But I just live in hope that someone could find a way to do it.

I look forwards to any thoughts you have, and have my fingers crossed that one day it happens.



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When I connect to the printer with usb over Octoprint I can still use the built in controls on the UM2 and trigger a print from the menu. I dont know if you can pause from a print triggered from octoprint but I wouldn't see why.

It should be in the Tune menu.


Don't think that will work properly for the UM2.


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