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Cura stops slicing below .1mm layer height

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I have a model that I am trying to print at .06 mm layer height but Cura stops slicing the model almost right away. With a bit of exploring I found that Cura will slice this model at .1mm but anything below and it won't do it.

I've used Cura to slice many other of my models at .09 mm layer height so I know it can do it. I'm just not sure why this paticular model won't go bellow .1 mm.

Any ideas?



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Cura on windows has a problem where it internally runs into an error when the GCode file gets bigger then 250MB.

I've made a 14.09.1-RC1 which solves this problem, can you check if that version allows you to slice with thinner layers on this model?

You can download it from http://software.ultimaker.com/Cura_closed_beta/


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Thanks Daid,

I tried it on the file that wouldn't slice and same results. If I kept my layer height above 1 mm, Cura sliced. Python was 293,484K. If I change the layer height to a lower number (0.06 mm), Cura doesn't slice and Python is at 163,429K.

I remeshed my model in Zbrush and decimated it quite a bit and it printed in Cura 14.07 and 14.09. Weird thing was 14.09 wouldn't save out the generated Gcode for me last night. Slicing in 14.07 did allow it so that's what I used to generate my Gcode for this model.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you want me to test my file on another version of Cura.


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