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  1. Welcome to Seattle! I have found filament at Fry's but it was a brand identity never heard of. I mostly stick to using www.matterhackers.com they are in California but shipping is pretty fast. They carry Colorfabb and Ultimaker filaments.
  2. Just a few hours left and they are only 3k short of producing 3mm filamentas a stretch goal! If anyone was on the fence, now would be a good time to pledge.
  3. Version 1.0


    A spaceship printed and painted for my toddler who loves "wockets"! This is the gCreate rocket that can be downloaded here: http://www.gcreate.com/#!3d-model---gcreate-rocket/c1k6o Printed with Colorfabb NGen. I cut off the tip of the rocket and used a hot tool to round it off. I then used a lot (maybe too much) XTC 3D to smooth the layer lines and add strength to the print. Finally used some shiny metallic paint and a layer of shellac to seal the deal.
  4. The CX5 Kickstarter is live now. If they hit the 100k pledge window they will be producing a 3mm version of the material. Currently it's just 1.75mm Find the link here:
  5. Version 1.0


    My little toddler loves to play with these guys so I decided to print him a huge version of the Ultimaker robot! His first words when seeing the big print was "Big guy!"
  6. I'm really impressed with how well it works. I have not tried the UM2+ feeder as I already had the Bondtech one.
  7. Just a follow up for anyone interested. Martin from Bondtech replied to me via e-mail that evening with a new firmware for my printer. It has been printing like a champ ever since!
  8. Ok, I just did a quick test with the UM2+ firmware by running through the material change option. My Bondtech feeder is now going is reverse. Would changing the E-steps to a negative number be an easy way to reverse the feeder direction? So instead of setting my E-Steps to M92 E492.45 I could save it as M92 E-492.45?
  9. I've upgraded my UM2 to a UM2+ with the upgrade kit but I kept my Bondtech extruder instead of using the new feeder. I went ahead and updated the firmware to UM2+ like the instructions said and then realised that on my UM2 I had installed a custom firmware form Bondtech. Is there a firmware from Bondtech for the UM2+? Or just use the UM2 firmware that is on their site? I'm itching to start printing but don't want to start until I get that sorted out. Thanks in advance! Joel
  10. I use Zbrush for organic sculpting but use Modo for all other 3d tasks. www.luxology.com There is a cheap indie version you can buy on steam that has most of the functionality of the full program. One ofor the best tools inside of Modo is a plug-in called meshfusion. A subdivision modeling boolean tool that is editable and spits out clean watertight meshes. Watch the video to see it in action.
  11. I just bought a used food dehydrator for this purpose. I dried out some old brittle pla but have yet to test it out yet. I'll print with our today and report back.
  12. Like the title says, I'm getting weird black lines through my prints at random layers. I put a fresh nozzle on and a new Teflon isolator but I still got a line on my print. Any ideas? I've got a 3dsolex i2k insulator installed, could it be that degrading or something? I'm also using a Bondtech QR extruder instead of stock. Filament is pretty new pla from Push Plastics.
  13. I bought 2.85 from gr5 store. I've had it on my printer for at least 200 hrs by now. No problems yet. You could also order from http://fbrc8.com/ they are the official us assembly and support site. I've ordered from both companies and services have been great with both.
  14. I just got a food dehydrator to try and rejuvenate old filament. I haven 't tried it yet on filament but I did give it a go with some old desiccant packs and it completely dried them out in about 6 hours. I'll report back when I have time to try it on filament itself.
  15. I'm so mad right now. I just spent $500 on my "+" sticker not two weeks ago!
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