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Overhang support seems to be flawed

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I cannot get Cura (14.09) to generate proper overhang support on a model I made.

The model can be found here: http://knaldgas.dk/~pdj/Jaw.stl

There are actually two problems, all located at the middle layers of the model:

1) No overhang generated along the narrow inner center-curve.

2) Increasing the "Distance X/Y" makes the support extend beyong the model, basically causing the support to need support... :blink:

I've set the Support type to "Everywhere".

I've tried to Reset the Profile back to default. I've tried different "Distance X/Y", different Support Fill Amounts, and several other more or less sensible adjustments, but to no avail.

The closest thing to success was to scale the model by 1.2, at which point the support at the inner-curve started to show, however, I need the model at 1:1, so...

I've also tried to lay the model down on the curved side, but the forces applied to the model in real-life makes it break between two layers.

Any suggestions?



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I agree with DonMilne. It sounds like you've designed that part so adding custom support should be quick and easy for you. Here's an example of what I usually do:


And here's a pic of some custom support I did the other day for the upper lip in this print. The cutouts are to make it easier to remove. It all ripped out in almost a single piece, very easy to remove. I used 0.2mm spacing between the support and part, it was also printed at 0.2mm layers.



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