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Bronzefill blocked, help!

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have you tried removal of the bowden tube at the printhead end (heat the print head first) then feeding some filament down into the print head - this usually clears any blockage for me.

If this does not work you will have to strip down the whole head to get access to the print head itself, its more likely in my opinion then the blockage is between the end of the bowden tube and the print head


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there are a few points to look out for:-

when you remove the last of the four screw on the top of the print head make sure you support the bottom as it will drop down

I usually disconnect the back fan, the connector is just inside the flexible black cable cover

After you open the aluminium blocks you should be able to remove the Teflon coupler, but if it doesn't come out easily you need to undo the stainless part (it has holes all round it) if it's tight then heat the head up you will need some small pliers to hold it

It may be necessary to clean the inside of the Teflon coupler if its blocked, you could try a small bore drill, but take care its quite soft

Then onto cleaning the inside of the head, I would heat it first, I have used fine tweezers or even a small drill to remove whatever is in there

Other users may have additional thoughts, this worked for me yesterday with a blockage of UM clear PLA, I have since done three successful bronzefill prints today


hope this helps

bon courage/good luck



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I never remove the nozzle if it is blocked.

Instead, heat the nozzle and push a wire from a wire brush inside the hole from below to clear it.

Manually feed new filament through the nozzle.

Repeat until the filament is flowing freely.

If there is something that repeatedly blocks the nozzle and can not be pushed out, I usually use nylon filament (Taulman Bridge) .

Push it through until there is nylon flowing through the nozzle. You will have to use the wire-brush wire to unblock it repeatedly.

Then lower the temperature to 140C as you continue pushing filament through.

It will stop flowing around 190C. When the temperature has been stable at 140C for a few minutes, gently pull the filament out.

You will then get residual particles from inside the nozzle out.

If your nozzle is severely contaminated you will have to repeat a few times.

If you for some reason still can not clean the nozzle, I made a video of how to take the whole hotend apart:



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your video is a really good piece of work , I am sure it will help many people.

Some times you just have to take the whole head apart though, my first time was for a blockage inside the Teflon coupler, eventually I had to replace the coupler as it had become very distorted


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