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Enough already, can we get the commenting system fixed, please

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Ok, I was finally tipped over the edge this morning with the bloody commenting system on the site. It's driving me insane and now I'm grumpy on a Saturday morning. Is anyone working on this? Have you even noticed problems yourself?

When I get an e-mail notification of a new message all I get is a link to the message. I click that link and if I'm not already logged in, you force me to log in (to read a public comment...). But it doesn't actually take you to the message at all, it takes you to the main page of the design. You then have to switch over to the comments "tab" and scroll down to hopefully find the comment you're looking for.

Even if you're already logged in it doesn't work. Even worse, sometimes the link even leads to a 404 (I think this happens if you've already read the comment). Then you have to go hunting for the comment.

Why don't you just include the freakin comment in the e-mail in the first place!? It's a public comment, anyone can read it. I shouldn't have to log in to view it ffs.

Now, the notification thing in the top right... Today my number was at 20 and I wanted to get rid of it so I clicked on it. This takes me to a (short) paginated list of the notifications on the left and on the right, you guessed it, another bloody link to click to view message and delete the notification. Now I'm logged in, and I'm clicking a button that says it will take me to the message. Does it? Oh no, absolutely not.

Now I figured there has to be a button to remove all the notifications. Nope! I have to click on 20 individual notifications, switching pages inbetween. Ok, great the counter goes down but even better, it never goes below 7... GAH! And if I want to get rid of the actual notification on the left I then have to click that useless read-comment-and-delete-notification button 20 times as well.

I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to stop reading comments. To put it bluntly, get your shit together.

Oh, and I almost forgot. The image viewer is STILL broken after several months. Clicking on the little thumbnails does nothing. Clicking on the left and right arrows works, each click goes to the next image. BUT, it also seems to start a slideshow that slowly steps through the images for some reason.

You also have cross domains errors (https://d2i8wpf0mr7287.cloudfront.net/assets/application-4bf3de16abc74e89e05b88203d89f041.css) and each click of the arrows result in a handful of "Empty string passed to getElementById()." errors.

I get the distinct feeling that the developer is only checking the site in a single browser or something.



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Ooh, bitching time! :-)

To the above I'll add that I find the quote system here completely unusable when I'm on a tablet, it seems to add hidden markup that messes with the formatting. It's also obviously very annoying that images have to be attached in five steps, and zip files can't be uploaded at all.

I don't know why this site doesn't use something proven, i.e. phpBB.


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