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USA PLA filament sellers you like?


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Posted · USA PLA filament sellers you like?

I see matterhackers.com has quite a bit of stuff

Printed Solid doesn't have a lot available (was hoping to get colorfabb dutch orange)

Where have you bought filament and was it a positive experience?


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    Posted · USA PLA filament sellers you like?

    Zeni- love the PLA's, not so keen on their ABS, to shiny, and pops a lot. Availability fluctuates ($30/Kg)

    Ultibot - pretty good PLA, haven't tried their ABS yet. They claim a +/- .05mm tolerance. I've gone through 3 rolls of black and haven't had too many problems. Z layers look great if you can get it dialed in really well. It tends to print hotter of the PLA's, and retraction needed some tweaking, but once it's dialed in it's good to go. ($35/Kg)

    Jet- (various sources) OK for the price, some diameter irregularities, but clean. PLA is OK, ABS is actually pretty good. It prints very hot which leads me to believe it will hold up to heat better. Their natural PLA is great for bulk work or prototypes($28/Kg)

    IC3D (ebay, amazon, and ic3d.com) - Great ABS. Print in the 230's so your Teflon will last longer. sands and finishes great ($33.50/Kg)

    3d supply world - had some problems with shipping on my last 2 orders, but they have a ton of stuff in stock like ninja flex, T-glase, nylons, Bendlay, and more... all in 3mm. I've tried everything they have and everything's worked for me. (assorted prices $28-$80/Kg)

    Matterhackers - Too expensive for my liking. I go through a lot of filament, and don't need to spend $43 per Kg. It's just plastic after all. I know they sell the "standard" stuff at $31/Kg, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet...plus I think it's Chinese filament, so it's probably not much different than Jet)

    If I am doing a high definition project, I turn to my Zeni Kinetic PLA. Bulk work I go with JET or Ultibot PLA, for ABS projects, I go with IC3D or JET .

    But that's just me.


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    Posted · USA PLA filament sellers you like?

    Current favorite is Gizmodorks. Diameter is consistent, thermal properties are nice, shipping is free using Amazon Prime or their website, cost is low. Best of all, the aesthetic quality of the prints is very high - I have gone through several rolls of the Grey for very clean, professional parts, and several rolls of the Pink Rose for a bold color that almost matches ABS for a blemish-concealing satin surface finish The thermochromic filaments are super cool as well.

    Protoparadigm PLA just re-launched their offering using homespun filament, which looks interesting and I will probably try out at some point soon. Their quality was previously very good.


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    Posted · USA PLA filament sellers you like?

    Good info

    I bought two rolls from Matterhackers since the free shipping was pretty appealing....and why not try it out So far I have only used my Ultimaker blue and silver rolls to date.

    Barnucles posts on his YouTube channel about his great experiences with ColorFabb materials and currently, the only USA reseller is PrintedSolid. However upon going there and looking at what's in stock/available, not much is there. I've found other retailers in Canada, with Fed Ex shipping being $24. Not the worst freight prices I've ever seen but I keep hoping for something state-side.


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