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Posted · Repetier-Host

I found this nice softw. all-in-one .

It has minor bugs, but i like it very much !

It has many options to manipulate while printing - speed , temp, bed, fan control

Nice GUI

it is showing live toolpath when printing ...

it has nice feature that you can see each Gcode commad explained - i like this a lot

internal or external slicer - slicer or skienforge

In GCODE live viewer you can see each command explained and you can see layer number - very nice feature for complex things for printing, when you can change printing speed each layer

Maybe little more complex then CURA for beginners

There are no START&END code, so before run, make that


But there some bugs?? when starting print - execute my own start gcode, at the end of start code printer is on Z=0 and waiting for some time , like 5-10 sec before print, dont know if this from program or my setup

It is very similar to CURA that i prefer better, but with some tools&things that are must have for printing.

Think DAID You saw this prg ? There are many thinks that you can implement in CURA :ugeek:

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    Posted · Repetier-Host

    just made it work with my ultimaker.. no firmware changes.

    copied the .hex files from Cura into right place in repetier..

    /Applications/Repetier-Host Mac.app/Contents/Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Headers

    other settings i made.

    Baud to 25000

    stop bits 2

    Parity None

    Transferprotocol Auto

    No pingpong

    no firware ok sending

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    Posted · Repetier-Host

    There's no need to move any hex files anywhere. The hex files are only if you want to install firmware on the printer. You can install the firmware using Cura if you need to, and then connect with Repetier to print (if you want to).

    Repetier is just a front end for Slic3r; you can slice with Slic3r directly, or use Repetier, or use Cura, And then print with Repetier, or copy the files to the SD card and print from that if you have an UltiController.

    Repetier is particularly good for visualizing gcode, after you have sliced it with whatever slicer you choose.


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    Posted · Repetier-Host

    I've seen it. There are some good things in it, and some bad things.

    But most important, they follow the "more is more" strategy, being more and more a power-user tool with every version. Now, immagine not having Cura, and having Repetier as first program you'll have to use to print. Without knowing too much about what "Gcode" is, or "serial port settings".

    Also, it pretends to show lines in the actual thickness that they are printed. Surprise, they are not drawn like that, they are just drawn with a thickness. I found this out while seeking some bugs in my new slicer and using the GCode preview from Cura and Repetier to compare if there was a bug in my viewer or my gcode.

    Finally. A little story from about a year ago, when I released the first version of Cura. I announced this on the #RepRap IRC channel (chat) and I got chewed at for making something useless, and Repetier with Slic3r was going to be way better, and I should help out with Repetier instead of running my own. When I asked for a copy I got send a link of the source code. While Cura was already distributed with an installer. Which for me was an indication that they had no clue about what I was actually doing. And that Repetier is yet another "by-power-users for-power-users".

    So for your "There are many thinks that you can implement in CURA". Yes, I could, but I won't. Because there are many things I do not want in Cura. Because I think "Less is More". The next major release of Cura will feature: Less buttons (that you need to press like a good little monkey). Less waiting time (before you can print) and Less hoops you'll have to jump trough to get things done. While keeping the same amount of features and adding a few more.

    But first, the 13.04 bugfix release.


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