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Problematic prints, possible extrusion problems?


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Posted · Problematic prints, possible extrusion problems?


New to the Ultimaker scene, got my first Ultimaker2 over the Christmas holidays. Previously was running the Printrbot Simple Metal.

Having a few problems getting the printer running how I want.. Some prints have come out fairly well -


Others have not..


Reading the common list of problems I believe that this could be caused by extrusion problems? A little unsatisfied to have bought such a premium printer to have my 'old faihful' produce better prints.

On abother note, I've found my model to be like a jet engine, it's noisier than the printrbot even when not printing! (The rear fan is insanely noisy- and is always on)

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    Posted · Problematic prints, possible extrusion problems?

    You have a defective 3rd fan. Check to make sure nothing fell into it but some people get noisy ones. Mine is so quiet it is very hard to detect. Very hard. In a silent house I can't hear it until about 5 feet away and just barely. It is quieter than a typical refrigerator by a factor of maybe 1000x.

    Regarding the cube - you have underextrusion. It's intermittent. There are about 30 possible causes of underextrusion. With such a new machine I would first guess that you have filament issues on the back of the machine. Try putting the filament on the floor - this can make an immense difference! The angle that it comes into the feeder can be a problem. Also check the filament for tangles.

    Also loosen all the 4 long screws slightly. Sometimes they overtighten them at the factory. Make sure they are only finger tight.

    What is the hottest you let the nozzle get to since you received the printer?

    Other possibilities:

    - deformed isolator

    - clogged nozzle (partially clogged)

    - tangled filament

    - filament grinding feeder at entrance or on white part and carrying ptfe up through tube to nozzle

    - feeder spring too loose or too tight

    - bowden pushing too hard down against isolator

    - pt100 nozzle sensor off by 20C such that nozzle is 20C cooler than you think

    - pt100 nozzle off by 20C such that nozzle got very hot (say 290C) and wrecked the isolator

    - Filament > 3.00mm

    - Feeder servo too hot causing filament to soften/flatten

    - tangled filament, filament rubbing too hard on side of feeder


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    Posted · Problematic prints, possible extrusion problems?

    Thanks for the in depth reply gr5!

    I've emailed Ultimaker support regarding the fan, I bought the printer from a third party reseller, so I guess I could always return the unit if we also think the intermittent extrusion problem is a fault. Last resort option though.

    I've not changed a thing since getting it - still running default Cura settings (temp etc) and the filament that came with the printer.

    Believing the problem to be with the extruder, I have already removed the filament, opened the extruder to check for debris and put it all back together. I also played will the the extruder tension spring settings

    I do not believe it to be a problem with a blockage as filament does fall stright down rather than curling.

    I will note that my filament is dented after passing through the extruder, however after seeing other threads here, this seems to be very common

    I will try the print you linked to in the morning, aswell as placing the filament on the floor - although this is not ideal, I feel that I have spent a fair bit on a premium machine - I'd expect it to atleast work as advertised/intended!

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    Posted · Problematic prints, possible extrusion problems?

    For the rear fan most have a noisy one unfortunately. Very few have quiet fans and some have simply replaced it. You would be looking for a 5v 25x25x6mm fan.

    For sure the first thing to do is to check if its not damaged or obstructed like gr5 mentioned.

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    Posted · Problematic prints, possible extrusion problems?

    Rather embarrassingly, here I my extrusion test print, run at 230.


    It looks good! So the problem could have been solved by my tinkering last night, or the higher temperature (230 not 210) could be the fix or it may just be an intermittant issue (hopefully not the latter)

    Pm_dude - are you aware of anyone getting replacement fans from Ultimaker that are quiet? You can hear this thing on the other side of the house, with doors closed and the TV on!

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    Posted · Problematic prints, possible extrusion problems?

    Ok, so I went for another print today, which again was of terribLe quality, so I went ahead and printed the extruder test at the standard 210 temperature, which didn't work well at all


    So, I'd assume then hat I need to be printing at 230 with this Ultimaker filament? Or have I missed something?

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    Posted · Problematic prints, possible extrusion problems?

    When idle mine produce 60dB and is audible from the other side of the house but not when the tv is on.

    Some got reduced noise after fan replacement but still noisy. At least the few I read about. I can certanly not state for everyone.

    What you can ask support is to know what dB level they expect their fan to make. Anything below 30 dB would be very very quiet.

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