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UM2 Feature request: "Continue from layer #_ _ _"


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Posted · UM2 Feature request: "Continue from layer #_ _ _"

In my dream world, this would be an option available after the Pause command. Suppose you come home and notice the printer had some issue half way through a print. The printer's still going through the motions, however no extrusion has been happening for the last 100 layers.

No worries... just hit Pause, get the issue sorted out, then choose the Continue from layer # _ _ _ option, and rotate the UM2 wheel to choose the appropriate layer. the Z-axis would respond as the wheel is rotated, so you can figure out how far back you need to go.

This literally was a dream option because I was recently overseas, using a more portable printer during my travels, and dealing with underextrusion issues. I would wake up, jump to hit Pause as soon as the clicking of a filament slippage occurred, fix the issue, then resume and get back to sleep. If I slept through that noise, then the whole print would need a restart.



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Posted · UM2 Feature request: "Continue from layer #_ _ _"

I agree, it would be a great marlin feature and a feature that *everyone* would use at least once.

If you want to resume a print on UM2 make damn sure the heated bed doesn't cool as the part will pop off.

To resume, first you need to use pronterface to find the exact layer to continue on. Pronterface is here:


read all gr5 posts here:


post #9 here has specific code change example for um2 (ultigcode):




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    Posted · UM2 Feature request: "Continue from layer #_ _ _"

    Didier: I was reading that thread when it first started. I din't realize it expanded so much. I'll go through it tonight :)

    GR5: Thanks for those links. More reading for tonight!



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    Posted · UM2 Feature request: "Continue from layer #_ _ _"


    This was suggested in there and it looks like the next step that TinkerGnome has in mind (or maybe not the next but in the list)


    Well..., not exactly this way...

    The originally idea was to add some sort of "shift" value to the printing coordinates to make the recovering easier. But this would still need a reslicing...

    The suggestion of Chris would be much more convenient, wouldn't it?

    Let's decorate the dream a bit...

    One could use the (still experimental) move axis menu to determine the correct z-coordinate and then just say "print the next file from here"...

    ...and the firmware would start a normal print but just ignores all moves until the specified z-height is reached...

    ...then initializes the stepper positions to the correct values... ...and starts printing the remaining part of the file... -_-

    I guess that all these "dangerous" options will probably never find there way into the standard firmware - it's simply too far from "foolproof", but we are allowed to tinker with the idea of doing it ourselves... :roll:

    It's a challenge - but maybe worth the efforts.... .... at least much more convenient than manual editing of gcode....

    (i think i said this already.... ;))

    What did i miss?


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