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Service Manual (or moral equivalent thereof) for UM2? In particular; how to reattach the filament driver?

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Is there any documentation that explains how to take apart and put back together the UM2?

I needed to disassemble the filament pusher to get out a little bit of broken-off filament. I was not expecting that the four screws were also keeping the stepper motor in place, and was quite alarmed when I heard the thud that accompanied the removal of the last screw.

Now what? there is no way to support the stepper motor and pull it against the back plate so the screws can go in. I can't even hold it in place to put in one screw, even without the filament driver. I eyeballed how the rest of the thing is put together, and it doesn't look like I can get to the filament motor without removing the side plate next to it, because then I would have to spend the weekend realigning the beast.

Any suggestions?


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The assembly manual can be found here at the bottom:


d'oh! I knew I had seen it somewhere... it's not like I don't have a complete clone of the the github.com/Ultimaker repos!... Thanks.

I've also written a short guide on taking the feeder apart:


I wish i had seen these, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

Thanks again


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