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UM2 Timeout of "Change Material" procedure request

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I would like to suggest a small addition to the "change material" procedure, to add 2min timeout to the screen where it sits and wait for you to put in the new material.


We have two UM2 at our Makerspace, and on multiple occations people have been unloading their filament but forgetting to cancel on the screen, wich results in that the printer is sitting with the hotend at 210 degrees until the next person is coming to print on the printer, wich is a recipe to get really nasty clogs... :/

A few minutes timeout would help here to avoid the UM2 hotend sitting there heated for sometimes hours when people forget!


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This is still a VERY requested feature from us at Stockholm Makerspace, i have spent way too much time cleaning nozzles to fix UM2's with underextrusion problems due to carbonized plastic in the nozzle, mostly because of above problem.

A few minutes timeout would solve the problem perfectly, please think about introducing this feature, right now we are thinking of forking the firmware and doing the modifications ourselves just to spare us all the unnecessary hours of printer cleaning...

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