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Hi can I add my request to this too Chin. I follow a variety of Ultimaker forums; each new thread sends me an email when it is started which I look at. If I am interested in the thread I follow it and an email is sent to me each time a new post is made. Or of course it used to! Like others here I neither have the time or desire to log on innumerable times during the day to see if there is anything interesting.

More importantly I am following lots of threads so I can help people. I am happy to spend hours doing that. But I am not prepared to spend days going through who knows how many thousands of threads to see if was following them so I can continue helping people - I am sure there are lots of experienced guys in the same position.

This is all insane. There may have been a thread alerting us to the closure of the forum and why, although I never saw it, but the process is awful. I have finally got on to the forum 10 days after the 21st April and now I get no notifications. Apart form getting everybody back on to the forum unless, I was the last, your next priority should be notifications otherwise the quality of this forum is going to dive to a miserable level. Is there a thread anywhere where I can read about the benefits of "upgrading the forum"? It sure does not feel like an "upgrade" at the moment :(

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