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  1. Saw the video and it looks interesting, hoping for a longer more detailed video that goes into the components.  Is it stock with a ruby nozzle?  What drivers are used now?  Overall I'm impressed and while I am in the field of extremely large 3D printers now, I am very fond of out of the box complete solutions for users/prosumers/business 


  2. Hi @fergazz !

    I have a soft spot for Dutch Orange, one of my favorite filament colors that ColorFabb makes.


    Glad you enjoy the channel!  It's grown quite a bit on me in the last few months and I really enjoy the many projects I stumble into!


  3. 2 hours ago, anonomouscoder said:

    Did you mean Teaching Tech? I watched his video and, yeah it seems like he's having a pretty bad time. It seems like if it works, it works great, but if it doesn't there really isn't much one could do to fix it as it's all within the palette box.


    Yes, autocorrect hit my post...I see Palette is working on some painting tools and other things.  It's interesting.  But has a ways to go

  4. If you like that finish and have a 1.75mm printer, check out the Zyltech Silk Composite PLA.  They only have Gold, Green and White...but it prints quite similar to MattForge at half the price.  (And you can use my YouTube coupon code to save 15%  NerdyisCool)

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  5. That's what halted my purchase for the UM3...the build volume.  An amazing machine, I thoroughly enjoyed having some here on loan (for a show) but I needed more room for my projects.  The S5 looks amazing but I just can't come up with that sort of money for one right now.  I've had to resort to the FT-6 and upgrading some Chinese printers to make those things (2 CR-10S, Tevo Tornado, etc)



  6. I've been using it on a few machines (Geeetech A10, CR-10S and FT-6)  and printing on PEI/springsteel surfaces or polypropelene ones.


    I found doing an extrusion multiplier test to fine tune the extrusion was very helpful  (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2490893)


    I was a bit close to the bed on this print (as seen in the skirt)  but 210 first layer and 207 after gave me some nice results.



  7. 2 hours ago, Firepower said:

    Sorry -  where do you mean to add the home command.


    It still works perfectly on the old Cura version but with Cura V4 do I need to add the home command to Cura V4 somewhere? 


    It sounds like your Start gcode is missing some stuff.  Can you cut/paste what you have in there?


    There should be a G28 in there, ideally at the beginning,  to home everything


    If you aren't sure where to find that, in the upper left where it says your printer, click the chevron/ arrow icon, that will give you the Manage Printers at the bottom of the list of printers.  Highlight yours, hit manage printers.


    It should look like this




  8. This is one that's had me stumped for a while.


    In another slicer (S3D), I can set the first layer to be different (hotter) than the following layers. 


    For example, with PLA, I would usually do the first layer 5 C hotter, then on layer 2, reduce it.


    The Setting seems to point to something I just can not locate in the long list of setting controls.  




  9. 7 hours ago, nallath said:

    Is it? I mean, we originally had a lot of people hating the newer look of Cura vs 15.04 😉
    I'm not saying that the new UI is better or perfect in any way, but is it really needed to word is this negatively?


    You perceive it as negativity, which is sad because you said you wanted feedback...and if we offer it, you don't want it?  🙂

    Simply stated, the interface wastes a tremendous amount of space, is very awkward for an experienced Cura user to find the basics and...well, the list goes on.  But you'd take that as negative versus constructive feedback.

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  10. On 1/22/2019 at 7:19 AM, ahoeben said:

    @Asger-P you could try my plugin, which restores the notion of a sidebar and rearranges some other functionality:



    Thank you for making this.


    How sad this is that a Plug In is required to give users back basic functionality the program has had for years 


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  11. For the longest time, I thought I had messed this up....but now I have Cura on some other computers and can replicate it.


    What Happens: 

    If you've been using Octoprint and/or set your machine code to Marlin, when you set it back to Ultimaker 2, it adds an additional bed lowering and raise at the start of a print.  When the printer warms up for the start of the print, it will do it's usual bed raise and purge material, but then it lowers again, raises, does a small purge and then begins the print.


    Perhaps some logic can be added so that this isn't added to the start script?


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