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  1. what kind of printer?

    if it is a dual head Ultimaker, you can inactivate the second nozzle, but you have this very large shadow (printhead shape).

    It is better to do everything at once, you can pack them closer together, with little risk of failure. 

  2. the test is very tiny, and the wall thickness is small. The nozzle should be able to to run 2 times along the surface, inside and outside of the cilinder. And then it gets crowded with only 0.45 mm.

    It is easier to take a solid cilinder and print with one wall (or two), no infill, top and bottom, or even better in vase-mode.

  3. play with the initial layer thickness until the letters show in the first layer.

    There is also another little trick:

    print the first layer thin with the letters, pause the print, change the colour and resume the print.

    In your case I would start with one thin layer with the letters and stop the print, change the colour, change the first layer thickness to a solid first layer and print over the first layer.

    Info from an old topic:


    Schermafbeelding 2019-10-19 om 12.13.50.png

  4. did you try the little wheel icon next to the 'Experimental' tab to show all the settings visibility?

    Or under Preferences -> settings to check all the needed boxes?

    Or simply type 'fuzzy' in the search settings (fastest option)

  5. when you use ->preferences-> multiple build plates, a little window down left appears, where the numbers are visible and clickable.

    It seams to be a bit of a forgotten, unfinished, but handy feature.... you can click an item in the list and the model lights up, but if you click a model it is not highlighted in the list.. And you cannot drag the window, it is overlapping with the model text


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  6. I tested your setup, Cura 4.0 beta: I disabled all wall, top and bottom, only infill (100%, lines, direction 90 degrees)

    set the infill line width to 0.8 (0.8 nozzle) and counted 15 lines.

    No idea what the measure is of the printed part, due to flattening of the plastic...

    I think the best way to get your measurement is to play with the line with values.



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