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  1. Material system is just as open as with the UM2+, so its easy to select your material profile in the UM3 and Cura. The spools tags just make the communication towards the whole infrastructure automatic and saves you the knowhow about materials and profiles, as this is done by Ultimaker.
  2. Ik denk dat je geen solid models heb, standaard voorkomend probleem met modellen die ui Sketchup komen. Zie deze post voor tips: http://www.mastersketchup.com/8-tips-for-3d-printing-with-sketchup/
  3. Hi new owner of an Ultimaker 2, Together with active community member Alexander Bannink we made two simple videos explaining you how to start and setup your Ultimaker 2. Super basic but it will be useful if you are a new user who never have seen this process. Unboxing video First time startup video
  4. Hi Jeremy! Thanks for pointing this out. There has been some changes in the boxing of the Ultimaker 2, unfortunately there is some delay in updating the physical manual. The online version should always been up to date and can be found under support on our website. Direct link => https://www.ultimaker.com/pages/support/manuals hope you didn't have any issues in the further unboxing and start up sequence with your UM2?
  5. Hello! my name is Menno, I am Interaction designer at Ultimaker. For the last weeks I've been working on the Cura User Manual, with the goal to give the already user friendly cura even more insight. https://www.ultimaker.com/pages/our-software hit the [view the manual] to check the latest version out. As we keep developing our software we also like to know what you're missing or what you need further explained in software and the manual. I'm curious what your obstructions, ideas and thoughts are about how cura is helping you to make a 3D print?
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