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  1. Wow guys :eek: ! Every print on the last couple pages blew me away! Is it me or does this community improving together? Just a little preview what i was doing the last days. I hope i have it done tomorrow.
  2. Day started pretty awesome. Our first "Costumer" wrote me to print an awesome Model of a V12 Biturbo Diesel engine from his company. AWESOME! I cleaned the model, to make it free from small tubes and cables witch are to small to print. And align parts in groups wich i want to print together. Only took me 2 Hours. Then it went bad... tried to export the first part group as .stl Open faces everywhere. But i expected that and i knew it would be not that easy. So i opened the first part that didnt work and tried to fix it. 4 hours later i*' writing this text and i didn't get that damn part t
  3. meh... its about 11,50€ for 5m just to compare. That would be 56m of my cheap Filament. But i will think about it. Thanks
  4. I think only the last 5-10% of maximum quality are done with the Filament. The rest is tweaking the Settings. My way of buying filament is to go to huge online portals like amazon or ebay and buy the cheapest 1kg i can find :smile:. You just have to hope its not bigger than 3mm (witch didn't happened to me yet). I'm very happy with the print quality of the filament. Last time i bought 1 Kg white PLA on amazon for 22€ incl sending costs. If i look at the 48€/Kg filaments, i really think that the quality difference is worth to double the price. Tho, l would love to compare a print of the cheap
  5. Thank you! All credits should go to the awesome person who uploaded this beauty http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:196038 Thank you! My only experience with painting models also base on Warhammer 40k! So you got a pretty good start i guess Using the airbrush is not that hard. But make it work is . I used acryl colors (out of a tube) and thinned them with water. Its pretty hard do make it spray smooth without drops. Also always start with the brightes color, i sprayed the red like 5-6 times but it just stayes that dark (i wanted it to be a bloody red). For the effekt i just never spray
  6. Did my first painting. I used a little airbrush set for this. Also did a print of the Winged Victory, its about 40 cm high. Its slightly primed and spray painted.
  7. looks good. You did print it a bit hotter then the skull right? If so, did the non overhang sections look better?
  8. the more i am looking at the skull, the more i need to get some metal paint :rolleyes:
  9. Hey Calimero! i cant see your pictures :???: wow i think i also have to Print this in full Size again! I am really liking this model. I used black PLA from igo3d. cura said 7hours. But it actually took about 8,5. I started with 225°c and scaled it down to 210°c but i didnt make any real difference. Bottom/Top/shell 0.8mm 10%infill outer shell: 35mm/s inner shell: 45mm/s infill 80mm/s on the first picture u can see the strings. Second picture is after cleanup, and burning the strings with a lighter. I think i have to work on my retraction to get rid of the strings? Overall i´m pr
  10. Looks awesome Jonathan! The funny thing is, i just started to print the same Model this morning :rolleyes: I down scaled it to 0.54 and print it in 0.1mm at 40mm/s. I get some stringing, but it looks really nice so far. Im gonna post a Picture when its done. Did you downscaled it or get any stringing? Or did it just came out of the printer like it is on your photos?
  11. Things i have learned today: if someone try to move Google maps with shift+rightklick, he is using Cura!
  12. Looks awesome braddock! How did you clean it up? Is it sprayed with color?
  13. I agree it look a bit weird. Its grown out of a Project we got from our university. We should build a navel cannon but with given Parameters. So i just threw some different canon designs together :grin:
  14. Hello guys, i wanted to share this Print with you. Its not the nicest Print but this time i run through the whole Process. From the idea to building it in cad and of course printing it. Its made out of 4 Parts and got stoppers for the rotations.
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