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  1. All the settings that are in the UM files are settings that you can use (and are recognised by the engine). I don't have a easy list, sorry. Sure, the fdmprinter profile has all the possible fields, but doesn't have all the possible values.
  2. Would it be possible to get a document or documentation of all the non-integer/float settings values that are possible to be set in the machine profile json files? Also, will bed shape be reintroduced as a setting?
  3. Seeing that you put in such option, maybe it would be a good thing to also make it an option to "Tweak value and keep until" {layer number or height}.
  4. Too fast speed with too low temp and you're not using retraction?
  5. One trick with Slic3r is to specify the perimeter extrusion widths manually to the same width as the nozzle hole diameter. When set to automatic, it makes it too big and the outer quality will drop (although it would be stronger and faster to print).
  6. To say "override" is a bit wrong in my eyes. Setting things with either the gcode or from the interface is the same thing. Neither has power over the other, the last command is what counts.
  7. Assuming that the prints come loose from the bed, otherwise you'll just jam your printer or worse, break it.
  8. Nozzle size still doesn't matter for the bottom/top thickness, it's only affected by the layer height.
  9. Well, you could just increase the steps per mm for the printer, that will surely increase the printsize. Remember to also up the extruder then or you'll get underextrusion, though you'll also get faster speeds, so you need to tune that down. Generally though, you should just create a new g-code.
  10. Nevertheless, it's an issue with Cura, so you can maybe fix it in the unforeseeable future
  11. Was using Flow Thermostat, but it also happens without any plugins enabled. You're right in saying that it looks like very small extrusions, even though they print out correctly. The place where this happens also changes every time it loads the generated gcode. My Cura profile string: ;CURA_PROFILE_STRING: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
  12. I think this started with 14.07 for me: Possible causes or fixes?
  13. I have noticed though that small solid tops on top of infill work better, if the infill has smaller holes in it, making me use more infill than 24%, because below that the holes are just way too big for some areas (printing too much horizontally with zero support, between infill lines).
  14. Check your first layer height on the second tab.
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