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  1. Hoi ik heb een ultimaker 2+ van 1 mnd oud in de aanbieding ga deze wegdoen ivm starten eigen zaak . Heb m verder nog niet officieel in de verkoop maar mocht je hier belang bij hebben hoor ik het wel m.v.g. G.Gezel
  2. Ultimaker nozzle box

    Version 1.0


    So i didnt like the cardbox version of my nozzle box so i made a new one ,and i like to share it with you .
  3. axis alignment tools ultimaker 2 x

    yes but if you have the Original file for it i still want that
  4. axis alignment tools ultimaker 2 x

    looking good ! Always handy to have them i think
  5. axis alignment tools ultimaker 2 x

    i know .....but i love to make some tools
  6. Does anybody has a stl or the dimensions of the new axis alignment tools wat comes with the extrusion upgrade kit ? i want to use the tools to hold the axes firm when doin a cold pull
  7. price drop um2+ um2go etc

    Ok # waiting till Tuesday
  8. Will the prices drop for the um2+ and um2 go etc. when the ultimaker 3 arrivés?
  9. but on the umo+ you can
  10. nice looking forward to that
  11. Yes i know that is an option, but was curious if there was an permanent solution in the firmware using this builder afterwards:)
  12. Hi Amedee,is there a way when using the builder to adjust the motor current on the umo+?. I mean is there a way to edit that hex file ? or can it be added to the builder
  13. simplify 3d

    I know what you mean ,so its working better i can adjust it and no splatter into the filament. thanks for that . But still different with cura ,i like the head and bed movement at same time ,do jou know what i mean . its not a big deal but like it more
  14. Ok so in the picture im seeing also layer height ,ihave managed to download the firmware with Firefox but im not seeing the layer height in my display when printing. How can i manage that? really like that:)

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