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  1. I have a UM3 that I want to print a file using print head 1 , and then at a certain layer height switch to print head 2. how do I achieve this? thanks for your time it's appreciated.
  2. this is working as a temp solution. I'm wondering what the actual cause is though. It crashes the same way if I try load a material profile etc.
  3. my UM2's Led's have become extremely dim. I remember them being very bright and they've slowly gotten worse and worse. is this a common issue? suggested fix?
  4. what should I do at this point ? I have this happening on 2 different machines both running Cura 2.7 ... I've tried uninstalling and resintalling cura completely fresh. Same results.
  5. Anyone know if this is possible? 200x200x63 mm on a UM3 Extended using only a single extruder? I can get it to fit on my UM2 but I can't seem to get it fit on UM3 please help!
  6. It was not created by me. I don't believe it's a corrupt stl, as I am able to get it to open after multiple attempts of it failing/ crashing the app. If I open another STL first , that one is sometimes successful other times fails as well. I can't seem to find a pattern to it. Additionally, every time I go to File/ Open Files ... the Open files window appears but then Cura will crash a few seconds later, even if I do not select any file. 2017-10-12 08:08:05,033 - DEBUG - UM3NetworkPrinting.NetworkPrinterOutputDevicePlugin._onServiceChanged [210]: Bonjour service added: ultimakersystem-c
  7. Can you get an STL with dimensions 200 x 200 x 63 mm to fit on the build plate of a UM3 Extended for use with single extruder?? I have been trying for hours to get this to fit and no matter what I do I can't get it to.
  8. Cura 2.7 is crashing anytime I try to open an stl file via file/open The same happens when trying to load a profile as well. If I drag and drop an stl file onto the build plate it's saying failed to load. What the heck is going on??
  9. How do we tell Cura it's a single nozzle print?
  10. I'm trying to print an stl that is 200.0 x 200.0 x 63.0 mm is this possible on a UM3 Extended? I only need single extrusion. Is there a way to turn off dual extrusion to gain the additional space?
  11. I have an stl file that contains numerous parts. I need to split this stl file into seperate stl's or parts to be able to print them each individually. I thought you used to be able to right click and select split object? in Cura 2.6.2 I do not have that option when right clicking on the stl? Thanks for any help on this... hopefully i'm just missing something easy here.
  12. i'm looking for a cura material profile for a UM3 for colorfabb nGen and colorfabb XT filaments... anyone able to help me out? Thanks
  13. Currently using cura version 15.01 Have not tried slicing with any other version... ran the stl through netfab. I may try upgrading the latest version of cura. I also cut the stl so I can print just part of the plate and the vertical "tower" for testing. would changing the shell thickness possibly fix this? If i look at layer view there doesnt seem to be anything strange at those layers with the movements of the head. Will work on getting a video posted during the print of those troublesome spots.
  14. Yes both side fans are running at 100% after the first couple layers, and verified working. I've re-leveled the bed a few times and attempted additional repeats of the print with the same results. I will try printing at the 200 C and slowing the speed down next. I was hoping to get away with the 50mms print speed as everything else prints nicely with this model. Yes the model is mine, I will try chamfering to see if it makes a difference. Wall thickness is .8mm do you think increasing the wall thickness would help with the problem areas? If so what thickness would you suggest attemp
  15. Thanks for the help guy's I really do appreciate it.... Please find the new images below... I apologize for the terrible images above. Printing Colorfaab PLA/PHA @ 210 C , 35 % infill, 50mm/s printing speed Printed with support touching buildplate at 10% grid for underneath main switch plate.
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