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  1. No, I never found the setting to change that and couldn't find an article that plainly said where and or how to change that. The material I am using is eSun PLA and that wasn't listed as an option so I have to use generic PLA in the material section. So I fixed the problem by using Cure 15.06.03. Went into settings and changed the bed temp to 75 and everything is printing just fine. 75 is way out of spec for the filament too but it got chilly here and the bed probably had a tougher time maintaining real temp. Also every filament has its own quirks and issues. If I use a red and sometimes yello
  2. "This setting has been hidden by the active machine" is next to the setting I need to change. Should I just go back to an old version of Cura that let me change things? I mean the print quality of Cura 2 is identical to the print quality of Cura 4.7.1.
  3. I also have this problem with an ultimaker 2+ using Cura 4.7.1. I have checked every box but I still can't change it and more than one print has failed because the filament is just falling off the bed. I saw someone said to change the Flavor of the slicing software to marlin but I can't find where to do that either. Hint if you look up Flavor, nothing pops up so please use technical terms the software can understand and is searchable. Thanks
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