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  1. On 1/18/2018 at 7:07 AM, nilrog said:


    Yay...thank you for that! :heart::)


    I was thinking, but never got around to mentioning it, that apart from those issues the menu also took up precious screen area. Not really noticable on a desktop...but on a laptop it felt bad.


    Beeing nitpicky again...but this change, although it improved the behavior a lot, still doesn't get you to the top of the first unread post...

    As you can see in the image you are taken to an anchor that still hides the top part of each post...and you need to scroll back to: 

    1. See if you actually are at the top of the post
    2. See the context of the text...aka. the post topic that is written at the top of each reply.


  2. Having to go into nit-picky details about what, in a post, you want to be notified about should not be necessary. That is not something I have _ever_ had to do in an online forum. This is the first forum software where this question has come up.


    To summarize:

    • If I select to receive a notification about a topic I expect to receive a notification when something has happened in that topic...be it a quote, a new post or a tag. The topic has had activity, I wanted to be notified, so a notification should be sent. It's as simple as that.
    • If I select to receive a notification for a topic "Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community"  (yes, this is how this forum clearly advertises that it works) I expect to receive only one notification _until_ I revisit this forum. This is the part that is broken.

    But i'm getting one notification for every post/quote/tag to the same topic even though I never visit the forum between each post. Something is clearly broken in this system.


    I want to receive a notification when things I subscribe to has _any_ activity...I do not want to be "spammed" with notification after the first notification is sent...unless I have visited the forum in between.


    Yes, I might be nit-picking here...but when the forum software clearly does not work as it self says...then it is broken ;)


    PS: FYI according to my emails from the forum I received one email for every update to a topic new/quotes while I was sleeping. DS. 


    PS2: I like everything else about this new forum...it is just this one thing that is annoying :p DS2.

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  3. The notification settings is, so far, the only annoyance I really have with this new forum software.

    It does not work as their own wording describes, and thus not as most other forum software works, and this morning I had to delete a gazillion emails...and multiple emails from the same thread...even tough I never visited the forum while I was sleeping :|;)

  4. AFAIK the E3Dv6 1.75mm is still an all-metal hot-end. The one with PTFE is the E3Dv6Lite.

    But from what I have read/heard the 1.75mm version of the E3Dv6 has far less issues with PLA than the 3mm version.

    Prusa switched from the v6Lite to the full v6 in Mk2 and everyone seem to be printing PLA fine with it :)

  5. No they don't.

    The "smoothers" are really intended for the DRV8825 (if you read all the details from various sources closely).

    But they do work, to some extent, also with the A4988, as shown here...but with other drawbacks as some have reported.

    For the A4988 the better "solution" is to solder the ROSC resistor...but that is however a fix that requires more skills, and guts, to apply.

  6. @DidierKlein

    Sure...I can turn off everything...but I was reporting that the advertised function does not work as intended...aka a bug ;)

    I like to be notified that something has been updated...so I can go back and check it when I have time...this same function is available in most forums...and this is the only forum where it doesn't work...although both me, reading the description, and @sandervg, made the same assumption about how it should work.


    Btw, the function to "tag" someone doesn't seem reliable either...I tagged @SandervG above and it didn't work...but now when I edit the post I am "allowed" to tag him.

  7. On 1/23/2018 at 10:18 AM, SandervG said:
    • Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community
      The forum registers a last_visit timestamp in the database which is updated when your user account visits the community again. It is only triggered when you actively visit the community. It is not triggered when your browser remembers your login and you browse the internet, or when you visit the forum but you are logged out. It is related to notifications from the same source. Example; if there are 3 topics you follow and all receive 5 replies during your absence, you only get 3 notifications (onsite and/or email). 1 for each topic. Which notification you receive, onsite and/or email, depends on your notification preferences as in the screenshot above. 

    Unfortunately this option doesn't work as we believe it should, and how you now also explained it,....the forum still sends an email for every update to a post even though you never visit the forum. Sp if you are following a lot of popular posts you will get "spammed".

  8. Glad you got it all sorted out in the end :)


    11 hours ago, Lars Eric Wingfors said:

    Oh also no tensioners seem to have come with my kit

    I got 2 bags of screws that were never asked for and weren't in the manuals parts list but that's about it. 


    There were some leftovers for me too. But also a couple of springs like this, that you can use to add more tension to the belts. But I never used them. I guess they can be useful when the belts starts to get worn. But I threw them out well before that.



  9. 15 hours ago, SandervG said:

    As you may have noticed, the menu has disappeared from your view when you scroll down. It brought some problems along and we found another way to provide you with additional ways of navigating when you are halfway down a page.


    Yay...thank you for that! :heart::)


    I was thinking, but never got around to mentioning it, that apart from those issues the menu also took up precious screen area. Not really noticable on a desktop...but on a laptop it felt bad.

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  10. Something must be really wrong if the belts are that loose. On mine, before I switched to GT2 belts, they did not require any additional tension.

    But there are tensioners supplied with the printer...4 small spring-tensioners.

    Although based on your description I don't think they are enough.

    I would contact the reseller and ask for help or new belts.

  11. 39 minutes ago, SandervG said:

    In the emails that you received, was it about all different topics, or also different emails about multiple replies in one and the same topic? Did you only receive emails about new replies, or also 'likes' or other forms of activity?


    Currently I receive one email for every post and like etc. that was made for each topic that I am subscribed to.

    So if I were subscribed to a lot of "popular" topics I would be "drowned" in emails :p

  12. Afaik the fans are the same...or possibly a slightly better model...the BOM on GitHub doesn't specify which model they use.

    The cabling is the same though...because you can order the extrusion upgrade for the UM2 which is a drop-in replacement for the old UM2 printhead. You just swap out the old one with cables and put the new one in place with it's cables.


    The fan on the back can be controlled by software...but it depends on the version of the mainboard afaik. Other than that there is no difference, afaik.

  13. 5 minutes ago, kmanstudios said:

    I thought that checking that " Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community " would mean that if someone commented on a thread, it would send an email for that thread. If someone else commented on that thread, I should not get an email since I've limited it to one email until I 'revisit the community.'



    I am of the same opinion regarding notifications and emails :)


    This is my current setup...and I have not changed it since I enabled "Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community" as soon as I was aware of that setting...which is like shortly after this forum was launched.



  14. 18 hours ago, conny_g said:


    What is the improvement of the alu ring, what does it change resp. what’s worse with spring?


    The ridgid spacer, which you can just as easily print yourself using one of the models @conny_g linked to, will prevent the PTFE/TFM coupler from "lifting" causing internal leaks of hot filament that will, over time, degrade the coupler prematurely.

    With that spacer and the newer TFM coupler you can easily print thousands of hours before replacing it.


    17 hours ago, conny_g said:


    Ok, you mean the print head top and bottom plate are not only connected with the alu grid next to the hotend fan but also with alu ring + ptfe + steel Isolator as a static element.

    That makes sense. Can’t find it as replacement part separately, though.


    You can get it from your nearest Ultimaker reseller also. They may not have it listed in their webshops...but they sell it...since its a spare part for your UM2+.

    (Here is the part in the Swedish resellers store)


    Note: This model is created by the inventor of the Olsson Block...so you can be sure it works :)


    Side note: Yes @rajilpahuja, using all capitals is commonly considered "screaming" and most people do not like it, or skip reading such posts ;)

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  15. @SandervG

    I don't know what you have done to notifications...but since mid/end of last week i'm getting "spammed" with notifications :(

    (or people are more active than before :p )

    I now receive a new email for every new post in threads i'm subscribing to...not only once...until I login again ("A notification when new content is posted").

    Afaik there was another setting, further down, or something, where you could get it to behave like most other forums do...only one notification, until you sign on again.

  16. 4 minutes ago, SandervG said:

    What does this do to Nilrog's remark about seeing in what topic you are? 

     It doesn't...but it's clean(er) :)

    Not sure if it like it so much better...but i'm going to try it just for fun for a while (as I do not expect anything to be "fixed" in the default theme) :'D

  17. In some forums I visit the subject is part of each post.

    Having more in the menu is probably not a good idea...it is already quite big.


    Here is one example:



    Maybe just a subtle (e.g. not bold and big) "Forum thread title" text on the same line where today you can see "Posted X minutes ago".




    But again, it's nit-picky, and I can live without it...it is not something that all other forums have...but it is nice when you browse by opening each interresting topic in a new tab. By the time you get to those tabs...you might have lost the context so this would be a "quick refresh" :p

  18. @SandervG

    Another nit-picky detail...when you have followed a link into a thread (in this case by clicking on the "first unread" link) you totally loose context of what the subject is.

    I mean, there is nothing that shows the title of the thread you are reading :|

    (the only thing cut-off from this picture is the bookmark bar and the address bar)



  19. The old nerd in me does it all the time...unless I have a scroll mouse at hands :p


    My expectation is that scrolling with the spacebar...or clicking on the scrollbar...is that the content will move down so that I can continue reading where I had to stop. Not to have to scroll back...trying to figure out where I stopped.


    Granted, this behavior is not unique to this site...but it is mostly news sites that has such, imo, bad behavior.

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