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  1. Quick question.. Can Ultimaker 3 NFC PLA Filament be used in an Ultimaker 2 Printer? If this question has been asked and answered before I apologize.
  2. Ok folks. Replaced the teflon coupler. Problem definetly solved. On my 10th sraight print. Gunna put the coupler replacement on a 500 hundred hour replacement cycle. Thanks for the help. 3d printing rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. confusing Jenschr. In the same post you whine about trying to get spare parts, then say I found them at 2 different web sites in the UK and get them delivered in 2 days via DHL. Perhaps you should "should consider other options". I'm not in any way affilated with ultimaker but there product,customer service, forums AND availbility are simply outstanding. This undoubtly is an argument that has no winner/loser. But come on man really is 2 day delivery the game changer?????
  4. Oh forgot to mention. Replaced the stock nozzle with the olsson block, but that was in april of this year.
  5. I think Claus should be hired as a consultant on the UM4. Great questions and suggestions Claus.
  6. Its a UM2 bought in Dec 2015. it has 810 printing hours on it. The conical tip after the atomic is clean. reinsert material. start another print. no problem whether its a 20 min run or a 12hr run. will check/replace coupler and see if that fixes it. Thanks for the replies. oh fan area clear of cheerio's.
  7. Well I'm back. Problem has returned with only being able to make 1 print then i have to use the Atomic Method to run another print. Any more ideas out there? Purchasing the new Ultimaker 3 sounds like a good idea eh......
  8. ok back fan was not working properly. loose wire. also found a cheerio inside fan area (children are wonderful creatures). back fan working properly. have ran 3 prints in a row no problem. thank you for the advice. look forward to bothering you all in the future. Thanks again.
  9. I have shut off the machine before cool down. also not 100% sure if the back fan is running properly. Thanks for the info. if it is this simple I'm gunna feel really foolish. I'll let you know. Thanks again.
  10. After printing 1 job I have to use the atomic method to start another print. Doesn't matter if its a 20 hour print or a 15 minute print nozzle is always clogged when I go to print again. Also time in between prints doesn't matter. Happens with both .4mm .6mm nozzles. Using color fab filament or ultimaker fillament clogs with both. Any theory's out there on this problem?
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