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  1. Hi Alexwimjan, That hot-end design looks great but why did you design a new kind of heaterblock for the E3D v6 if I may ask?
  2. That's sad to hear. All the modifications you describe where on my optional to-do list to improve the reliability of the machine but now I'm thinking to just give it back to the owner (I borrowed it with the option to buy). Probably better to invest my money in a new and more reliable dual-extrusion machine... I read somewhere on the internet that an owner of the Sigma thought the underextrusion had something to do with a bad stepper driver and that it misses steps as the driver gets warmer or something. Veedee, did you do the stepper driver upgrade on your machine or did you by the R17 model
  3. Update: I think I found the solution, I misread in the E3D guide that they use a PT100 temperature sensor instead of the standard 100k thermistor. It makes sense that the Temp1 input on the Ultimaker electronics board cannot handle a 100k thermistor out of the box because the electronics on the board are tuned towards the PT100 setup (which works on a different principle). So I took the original Ultimaker PT100 from the hot end and mounted it in the E3D V6, changed the temperature sensor parameter in the firmware back to option "20" which is the default setting and now the temperat
  4. Hi Guys, I'm trying to install an E3D v6 24v hot-end set on a UM2+ to be able to print Nylon filament at heigher temperatures. This is the first time i'm doing a modification to the printer and I follow this guide: https://wiki.e3d-online.com/E3D-v6_on_Ultimaker_2 supplemented with this video: However since I only want to exchange the hotend and not the extruder I cannot use the supplied firmware (hex file) and gcode to write the EEPROM to my understanding. So I downloaded the UM2.1 firmware on github (https://github.com/Ultimake
  5. Dear Veedee, Did you ever solved this issue? I have a BCN3D sigma with similar underextrusion issues, and as far I can tell it has something to do with retraction. Because I noticed the underextrusion starts after a while (in the beginning its extruding fine) and increases as the details in a print increase or when the dual extrusion kicks in (thus the retraction increases). It's an old post but I hope you can tell me if and how you solved the issue. Kind regards, Bart
  6. Version 1.0


    As a valentine's gift for my girlfriend, I made a special invitation card to the musical. Retraced the image by hand in AutoCAD and transfered it to Inventor to make it a 3D solid. Printed with Colorfabb Woodfill without any problems. The result turned out great.
  7. @ foehnsturm Do you have some sort of step-by-step guide to this modification? I'm considering to convert one of our two UM2+'s with your dual head technique, but I'm a little bit confused by the mass of information in this thread, so it's difficult for me to filter out the important stuff ;-)
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