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  1. Hi, I got an ultimaker 2+ (um2 with upgrade kit) that is stuck for a couple of months on cura version 3.3.0 I tried to update it last month in cura version 3.4.0 but no success. same with 3.5.0/3.5.1 Is there any way i can fully flash the memory of the arduino board? idk what to do...
  2. i wrote 700$, with profit should be less than 1000$... 300$ profit is a third of the compoments prices!....
  3. It they did a upgrade kit from UM2 to UM3 it would most certainly not be 500$-1000$... (the UM2+ upgrade kit is 500$, and this upgrade would be substantially more), it would be more along the lines of 2500$ i would guess since so many parts have changed, and it would be a very time consuming install. I would suggest that you sell your UM2 and get a UM3 instead if you want good dual extrusion. i disagree with you and the ultimaker extrusion upgrade (2 to 2+) is extremely overpriced and its only changing some plastic parts and the extruder. to upgrade the um2 to um3 you need another stepper (20$-50$), maybe another controller (333$) the head.... (just metal and plastic.... i have the fans....maybe 120$) sticker????(5$) and the plastic part that change the height of the extruder(15$).... i don't need the smart spool holder but if they want 100$ everything around 700$ with some profit it should be less than 1000$ and i overpriced everything..... it's not 2500$ and it's possible to do it so why not?!!!!!
  4. Hi. I'm working with makerbot printers for about 4 years and i can't say that they are the best printers on the market but they are doing the job well, and almost all of the prints are perfect. i can complain about the price and the quality (only 0.1, close source....) but its not the topic. i decided to bought an ultimaker 2 about a year ago because of the quality, upgradability, open source, great look and a hole lot of recommendations. till i bought it i have a lot of problems like under extrusion (tried everything to fix it, maybe its layer skipping (bad bearing)...not sure), material grinding, rough surface and more.... half year later, you announced the um2+ that solved all these problems but i decided to wait till the um3. i'm and a lot of others bought the um2 because you promised dual extrusion! i really wanna upgrade my printer, and i think that most of the people, will agree to pay around 500-1000$ for a upgrade kit which will solve all the problems(including the annoying fan) and will add dual extrusion, instead of selling they um2 and buying the um3 which will cost more. the whole ultimaker's community is waiting for that till the um2 announcement and you promised! a lot of times...... so pleas.... work a bit.... i will buy it and im sure that a lot of others will, so do it! im not the only that asked but that's why ultimaker is special, and the first in half of the top 10!!! so dont disappoint us!!! please!!!
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