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  1. I've been having an issue with cura connects monitor mode for as long as I can remember, where the status of one of the printers with change every other second, and the other will never show that its available, even when it is. In the screenshots I have attached below, both the printers shown are not printing. This has been an issue that has persisted through multiple updates. I am currently running 3.5.0.
  2. Ah my mistake, I'll add the correct file to this. Not sure why the material has changed as I use Ultimakers default material, all I've done is add a price to it to see how much each print costs. As far as I can see the printer does not stop at all between layers, so if i've understood you correctly, what you have suggested shouldn't cause much, if any, change to the print time. UM3_Pi Pack Lift Stopper v2.gcode
  3. Sorry I didn't add any files before, I completely forgot about the post due to other problems occuring! For a while this issue stopped occuring, or at least was reduced to the point that I no longer noticed it, but I've just had quite a bad estimate from cura. The original estimate from cura was 35 mins, the estimate during the print sat pretty consistently around 1hr 20mins, and the actual print has taken around an hour... During the print, the estimated time left would increase for a while before suddenly dropping by a few minutes. I've attached the Gcode,
  4. That's what was confusing me, and I don't always get estimates that are that bad, others are within a few minutes when the print is around 2-3 hours. I was wondering if it is possibly down to what action the printer is currently taking. For example, it may be that when it's putting down support there's a big margin of error, so prints with more support vary more form the orginal estimate.
  5. Yes I understand, I was just wondering if there was a way to increase the accuracy as I sometimes get error margins of 20-30%. So trying to set up multiple prints through the day would have been a bit easier
  6. I was actually comparing the 'printing time' on cura it self, it's been changing as the print goes along, but I'd assume they are effectively the same thing? ah okay, that makes sense. So is there no way to increase the accuracy of the initial estimate? I'm keeping track of how long prints take and how much material they use as the printer is used for work based projects, so knowing that the data is likely not correct is rather annoying.
  7. *Edit* I've been monitoring my prints to see how the print time changes with the percentage completion, and for the first time I've actually seen the print time go down... It's a longer print which contains 2 parts instead of just one, and it hasn't changed as much as the other prints have. Nothing else has been changed except for which nozzle I'm using.
  8. I've been using cura with an Ultimaker 3 for nearly a year now and something I've noticed is that the time estimates aren't always very accurate. It may be that they never have been and I've only noticed them being wrong occasionally. A recent print I set to go was predicted at 2hr 10mins, but ended up taking an extra 30mins, while another print was predicted 30mins and took 40mins instead. I've been looking for some sort of answer on other forums but while some say they don't have the issue, others say they do, but most of these people are not using an Ultimaker 3D printer. I do use an edit
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